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Mount Royal University Centennial Mural
Cheryl Taylor

The Taylor Family and the Creation of Bella

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Artist Comments:
A shared last name piqued my interest in looking further into the Taylor name upon the occasion of the announcement in December 2010 of the largest single donation ever made to Mount Royal University. Taylor is an occupational surname derived from the Old French word for tailor “tailleur” and the Latin “taliator” meaning “to cut and make” as in the maker of clothes. As an artist I make and create, and I have discovered a surprising number of people with this last name are in fact artists or artistically inclined.

I would like to think there is something in our genes that inspires us to “do” and am honoured to commemorate the occasion of a local family giving back to their community, the gift of which will fund the creation of the Bella Concert Hall and Mount Royal Conservatory. In this painting, history, a remarkable family, the land and a strong, enduring, Alberta woman are the pieces of fabric that, sewn together, become the creation of Bella.

Artist Statement
"Taylor, derived from the Old French words for "tailor" are cutters of cloth and makers of things. History of the Taylor namesake, the land and a strong, enduring, Alberta woman in Mary Belle Taylor, a much loved matriarch of a generous Calgary family, are the pieces of fabric that sewn together, will become the creation of the future Bella Concert Hall."

Artist Bio
"Cheryl Taylor is an acrylic painter and mixed media Okotoks artist, teacher and free-lance writer who splits her time between Canada and New Zealand with her husband and three children. She paints for children and teaches art privately under www.outoftheblueart.com, works on commission for a variety of art projects, and is currently working on a body of work that will fuse her interest in research, writing and imagery of local food producers and their contribution to our economy and well-being."