CULTIVATE LIFE - St. Albert Mural Mosaic

Andrew Raczynski


Just One

Panel before
Artist Comments:
One of the endearing qualities of St. Albert is its vibrant cultural life, created and
fostered by its community leaders and dedicated volunteers, engaging its citizens and visitors in variety of meaningful and rewarding experiences such as the annual St. Albert International Children's Festival. The scene depicted in this panel is set at the height of the Festival in the public space by the Sturgeon River, complemented by the iconic designs of Douglas Cardinal's undulating St. Albert Place and Stewart Steinhauer's resonating sculptures. Here all walks of life celebrate the arts amidst stilt-walkers and other street performers, the big white "activity" tents, and student groups from all over the province. An art class from St. Albert Catholic High School draws and paints the sculptures, and meets with the sculptor, a modest man who confides: "I don't know anything about art," and then answers student questions with an authority of and reverence for his subject and medium that delves into the heart of the matter. The master knows that if just one person shares his vision then another great artist will emerge in his place.