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The Mural Mosaic "Pubble Murals" are an interactive art activity that invite your entire school / communtiy to create individual paintings representing the diversity and creativity of each student. All the paintings are combined to form a mural of one united image. The aim of this project is to bring students together, celebrate their individuality, create synergy and leave behind a mural that will become a legacy for years to come.
Previous Murals
The BMO Harris Bank Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, Chicago IL
international Children
Calgary Stampede 100th Anniversary, Calgary AB
international Children
Tim Hortons International Children's Festival, St. Albert AB
international Children
The BMO Harris Team Building 2014, Milwaukee WI
international Children
Thorhild Central School K-12, Thorhild, AB
École Rio Terrace Schule K-9, Edmonton AB
Esther Starkman School K-7, Edmonton AB
Dr. Donald Massey School K-9, Edmonton AB
Michael Strembitsky School K-9, Edmonton AB
Sir Alexander Mackenzie School K-9, St. Albert AB
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, Sherwood Park AB
Mount Royal