Lewis Lavoie, Phil Alain and Paul Lavoie

They're Back at it.....

Mural Mosaic is embarking on a Global Project to (re)connect the world at our roots!

Since 2005, Mural Mosaic has been creating awe inspiring mosaic murals to connect our country, our communities, our schools and our businesses. 

Mural Mosaic’s projects have brought hundreds of thousands of people of all ages together to build legacy art work admired and loved throughout Canada and the USA.

These murals are only possible with the collaboration of communities and generous participants who thoughtfully paint their own inspirations, moments, memories, feelings and icons, leaving a…

You are invited to connect with Canada and the World through this inspiring Mosaic that will reach around the world! This needs to be more inspirational, draft for now.

Welcome from Artist and Mural Mosaic Visionary
Lewis Lavoie

Project Vision

A bunch of wonderful and interesting information here about connecting the whole world – woot woot.

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More here

In 2017, Mural Mosaic took on the (wildly ambitious)
Canada 150 Mosaic

The inspiration for the Canada 150 Mosaic was Canada’s sesquicentennial. 

This project had the team producing over 100 murals in communities across Canada. 

Using the theme of train cars to unite the country, etc etc.

New project video from Paul 

Canada 150 train carousel will appear after this copy

You've Been Invited to the Canada Connects Pre-Launch

What does this mean?

What is your role in the project?

What do you need to do?

Here’s how it works