Buffalo Twins

Located in Lloydeminster, AB, Canada – 275 artists – 28 feet H x 22 feet W

Buffalo Twins
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Artist: Stefania Piecowye

Panel #7

Title: Bridge City

Artist Comments:  The historic Bessborough hotel stands proudly near one of the many bridges in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan .




Artist:Diana Hume


Title:Help Yourself

Artist Comments: My Dad farmed in Creelman, Saskatchewan for more than 60 years. No long service award for him other than the reward inherent in farm life. For Dad, I've called this painting "Help Yourself", intended both as an offer to share in the rewards of that labour but also as counsel to develop the independence needed to exist in this world. Miss you, Dad.



Artist:Gwyneth Hobbins

Panel #2

Title:Rocky Mountain Snow Fall March 2005

Artist Comments:  Always a scenic drive around Jasper, Alberta .  Along the Athabasca River .





Artist: Anne McLellan

Panel #1

Title: Oil derrick in big blue Alberta sky

Artist Comments: I wanted to paint an oil derrick because it symbolizes the heart and soul of our economy.



Artist:Kimberly Boychuk



Title: Nature’s Beauty


Artist Comments: Abundant and spacious with clean waters and lakes and varied terrain.  Beautiful marshlands and mountains and fresh air in a clean beautiful sky.  The Blue Heron is a very patient bird, it stands perfectly still.  We are a patient peaceful people.  Our land and people have many lovely qualities.  May it always be so




Artist: Joanne McQuarrie-Salter

Panel #4





Artist: Marjorie Tidsbury

Panel #5

Title: Prairie Sky

Artist Comments:  The prairie reaching across Alberta and Saskatchewan has been home to people and animals for thousands of years.   To represent this wondrous area, I chose a scene from the Horseshoe Canyon in the Cypress Hills, taken from my photo collection.




Artist: Jean Chubb


Title: Spring Thaw

Artist Comments: My subject was taken from (part of) a photo I took last year. The slough is right beside the road close to my house and is an interesting subject year round.




Artist: Evelyn Campbell

Panel #8

Title: Premier Ralph Klein and Premier Lorne Calvert


Artist: Doug McElligott
Panel #9
Title: Moraine Lake – Early Winter

Artist Comments: The “ Rockies ” are a major provincial resource and the beauty of the Alpine lakes and majestic mountains in our national parks have a worldwide reputation. I love hiking and painting in Banff National Park and especially at Moraine Lake in the valley of the Ten Peaks (once portrayed on the back of our twenty dollar bill)…A fine example of the natural beauty of our Alberta mountains.



Artist:Scott  McKeen

Panel #10

Title: Pyramid

Artist Comments: How do I explain this painting?  First of all, I am not an artist.  I am a journalist.  My office is at Edmonton ’s city hall, with its glass pyramids.  This creation is me playing with paint and trying to evoke this pyramid along with Edmonton ’s reputation as a winter city with great blue skies.




Artist: Pauline Sameshima

Panel #11

Title: Rooted Shadow

Artist Comments: Rooted Shadow is a study in what we project. The Aboriginal Rock paintings of the Churchill River in Saskatchewan by Tim E. H. Jones (1981) describes and documents the importance of rock art in sharing cultural beliefs and life experiences. We cannot remove ourselves from our cultural heritage and all that is in us from our past that creates who we are. Our past hides in our shadows even if we do not see it in ourselves.




Artist: Jan Howden-Paul


Panel #12

Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Artist Comments: Clockwise: Constables Peter Schiemann, Brock Myrol, Lionide Johnston, Anthony Gordon.

They served to protect and on March 3, 2005, lost their lives in the line of duty. A feeling came over me to paint these four brave R.C.M.P. Officers as my monument to them. Thank you for serving the people of Canada.



Artist: Mae Perkins

Panel #13

Title: Natures Paradise




Artist: Kristin Hickman

Panel #15

Title: The Homesteaders

Artist Comments: I felt very honored to be a part of this project and so I wanted to honour my four great grandfathers.  They were all homesteaders that came from England to Saskatchewan.  They all lived within a twenty mile radius. I never knew them, but believe them to have been brave with an adventurous spirit.  They are to left R. Charles Hall, top right James Scarlett Bexfield, bottom right Stanley Ilsley and bottom left Thomas Harbin.




Artist: Vivki Myers

Panel #16

Title: Winter Wheat.





Artist:Karen Parker



Title:Big Sky


Artist Comments: A Chinook would always brighten your day – because the sky is a big part of Calgary ’s landscape.  A dark evening, rich and deep – or an orange sunset across the mountains with the foreground of yellow poplars in fall.  Calgary to me has always been a ‘big sky’ above the prairies.  I love the crispness of winter (like a granny smith apple) and the dusty days of summer that cool into a calm evening.  A sky with some mood to express.




Artist:Della Marie Woodruff





Artist Comments: I wanted to represent the places I have lived.  Southern Alberta has many diversities that make it a wonderful place to make our home.  I have also been blessed with a great heritage of courageous, industrious and loyal men and women who have left me a legacy of great integrity.



Artist: Alice Goulet


Title: untitled



Artist:Mary Lee Small

Panel #19





Artist: Shirley Cordes-Rogozinsky

Panel #20

Title:The Hoodoos




Artist:Lorlie L Vuori


Title:Working Together

Artist Comments: My grey canvas reminded me of my mother's black and white photographs.  I chose to depict my older siblings working in the garden, to portray the rural areas where working together was the norm, whether to raise a barn or take in the harvest.

Was that what made our provinces great?




Artist:Eileen Coristine



Title:She Can Turn on a Dime

Artist Comments: Sunny Alberta , where every cloud, every birch and every raven has a silver lining.




Artist:Heather Brewster

Panel #23

Title:Chief Flying Crow


Artist Comments: In honor of the spirit of the crow that protects our provinces and brings us magic




Artist:Bernadette McCormack



Title:Summer Peaks


Artist Comments: I love the warm color of the Rocky Mountains on a hot summer day.  Living in Hinton for 2 years allowed me many opportunities for such a sight.




Artist:Marjorie Vetter



Title:Grandfather Buffalo, Buffalo and Trickster

Artist Comments: The first nations knew about the dinosaur bones and fossils, they considered them the ancestor of the buffalo.  Trickster just insisted on being in the panting.  Loved the experience, I live on the Kneehill Creek, where a hundred years ago scientists found the first bones in Alberta .



Artist: Maria Miranda Lawrence
Title:The Threshing Gang at Work, 1915

Artist Comments: “Biddy”(Pat Hedley) is the baby in the picture, the dog is named “’Don” and he came along from England to be with his pioneer family. In this picture it is likely to be time for an afternoon snack of tea and buns. The threshing gangs were hired for a few days until all the wheat had been threshed. The women were in charge of preparing and serving the meals for often a dozen men, breakfast, dinner and supper. “Biddy” lives in Victoria , B.C. now. She told me the noon dinners for the gang consisted of meat, potatoes, pickles and pie for dessert.



Artist:Stephen Murphy

Panel #27

Title:Tall Grass Prairies

Artist Comments: Southern Alberta , in particular the Whaleback Range area, is one of the last remaining areas of mountain  grasslands.  These grasslands are the remnants of the original “Tall Grass” prairies that existed prior to the agricultural development of  the prairie landscape.  We must protect these fragile and important areas




Artist: Jill Hobson

Panel #28

Title: Strong and Free (Alberta’s official motto)

Artist Comments: Solitude is o.k. here:  Nature supports and protects us.  We take time to silently reflect on connections.  We meet challenges with perseverance and determination in Alberta we are strong and free.




Artist:Rob Grant III



Artist Comments: Go Esks




Artist:Phil Alain

Panel #30

Title:Sue Foley

Artist Comments: This blue square is perfect for this amazing women of the blues. Back in 1981 in Edmonton Alberta Sue Foley began to play guitar. Years of hard work and a passion for the blues have allowed this "Juno award winning" incredible women to become one of Canada's top blues guitarists and also renowned around the world. Sue is an inspiration to women and guitar players wherever she travels and is another example of the incredible muscial talent that Alberta has given birth to.




Artist:Tanyn Wood



Title:Prairie Past


Artist Comments: Some family history and personal favorites from Saskatchewan : Tees and Persse Ltd., Wheatin Church, Grain car, Albert Street Bridge, small town advertising remnants from days past.



Artist:Kristy Bridgeman


Title:Spring Temple

Artist Comments: My ‘ Temple Series ’ was inspired by Emily Carr, by close friends and by my own spiritual journey. This earth is our Temple .



Artist:Tanis Dennis




Artist Comments: When I lived in Calgary , I don’t think I ever drew the mountains, but now when I think of Alberta , they are one of the things I miss the most.  This image was painted from a photograph I found on the internet.  I believe it is Mouaine Lake which is in Banff .



Artist:Ken Christensen


Title:Dragon Flies

Artist Comments: As a child I was very intimidated by Dragon Flies, running away afraid.  I began to age and my intimidation grew to intrigue.  As an adult, I am in wonder of the circles of live and the growth of individuals and what we can overcome.  I feel this represents the growth of our provinces / country.  Hopefully one day we will overcome all our fears.




Artist:Anne Brown



Title:Big Sky Smile


Artist Comments: This panel represents the abundance of natural beauty that exists in Alberta – Saskatchewan .  Its beauty along with its cultural diversity is seen as an ever-present source of inspiration to artists.  I would like to thank Lewis, Phil and Paul for their initiative to celebrate art and promote its future in Alberta-Saskatchewan.  The Mona Lisa in an Alberta setting is designed to create a feeling of art in its antiquity right on up to present day.  Mona Lisa’s popularity symbolizes that art has been important throughout man’s existence and continues to be prevalent in our time.




Artist:Michelle Valberg


Title:The Great Gray Owl




Artist:Karel Doruyter

Panel #37

Title:My Land

Artist Comments: There is nothing as impressive as flying over our country.  It fills one with pride and humility.  When I saw the prairie, my first thought was working through clouds at the land below.




Artist:Henri Hillinck


Title:Father Albert Lacombe

Artist Comments: In 1852, Father Lacombe went to Edmonton, where he spent the winter among the Cree and the Métis. In 1853, he moved to Lac Sainte-Anne, and two years later undertook the long and arduous trip to Lesser Slave Lake. In 1858, he founded the Saint-Joachim mission at Fort Edmonton. In 1861, he decided on the site for a new mission in Saint-Albert, Alberta. The Plains Amerindians considered Albert Lacombe as a brother and nicknamed him "Man with a heart", while his parishioners called him "notre vieux connaissant" -- "our wise elder".




Artist:Annette Beerman-Handl

Panel #39

Title:Pride of our Prairie

Artist Comments: On our nature walks we are delighted to come across this red-orange lily sticking its head proudly above the grasses.  I am proud to paint this beautiful flower for all to enjoy.




Artist:Grace Allen


Panel #40

Title:Wilderness Family




Artist:Jonas Marchinko

Panel #41

Title:Brick and Spirit: St Mary’s Catholic Church

Artist Comments: St, Mary’s Roman Catholic Church is an architectural landmark in Red Deer , Alberta .  It is awesome to behold, as a marvel of design, strength, and form from the legendary Edmonton architect, Douglas Cardinal.  As a parishioner, being inside is an even greater magnificent experience.  It’s amazing how size, colour, design, and lighting can create mood and evoke strong feeling.  I love how I feel when inside St.Mary’s surrounded by the brick: closer to my parish family; closer to myself, focused and closer to God




Artist:Luc Bouchard


Title:Sunset in the Peace Country

Artist Comments: Being born in the Peace River District, I felt compelled to do a sunset painting




Artist:Hazel Skavberg

Panel #43

Title:Prairie Icons

Artist Comments: Growing up on a farm in Rimbey , Alberta kept me in close proximity to the Gophers.  The most memorable:  As a child of 8, I had found a baby gopher, caught it, then much to my dismay found it’s teeth sunk into my finger, trying to shake it loose.




Artist:Elma E. Yanke


Title:Pronghorn Antelope




Artist:Noreen Richardson

Panel #45





Artist:Diane Dahl


Title:Sylvan Lake Lighthouse

Artist Comments: The Sylvan Lake area is an inspiration for many of my paintings.  It is beautiful in all seasons and anytime of the day, especially at sunrise or sunset.




Artist:Phil Alain


Title:"Gold Medalist" Ryan Smyth

Artist Comments: Ryan Smyth is a prominent Alberta sports figure who grew up in Banff AB. Ryan has gone on  to be a leader on the NHL Edmonton Oilers and also has represented Canada on the national stage winning Olympic Gold.




Artist:Theresa Edwards


Title:Dandelion I

Artist Comments: As a young girl living on the prairies, I remember picking dandelions and watching their white seeds playfully dance through the air.




Artist:Maria Miranda Lawrence


Title:Our Queen




Artist:Murray Allen





Artist:Brian Hohner






Artist:Ada Lovmo


Title:Footprints of yesterday

Artist Comments: These old log structures pepper the forests of Alberta and Saskatchewan. They speak of the day when our provinces were being built up by homesteaders with a passion for their vision. Remnants that are footprints of yesterday and the backbone of tomorrow.




Artist: Lorraine Sherwood


Title:Louise McKinney - A  Person

Artist Comments: Louise McKinney, one of the Alberta Famous Five, who fought to have Canadian Women declared as persons, in the Persons Case of 1929.




Artist:Lisa Robertson

Panel #54

Title:Dew West




Artist:Karin Richter



Title:Old Calgary


Artist Comments: This is an old part of Calgary behind the Saddledome in the Stampede Park area.  The monochromatic colour scheme reinforces the historic flavour.




Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Small town church




Artist:Joe Fafard

Panel #57

Title: Bison




Artist:Beth Dunlop


Title:Deere John




Artist:Sandra Fowler

Panel #59

Title:Midnight Through The “Coulees”

Artist Comments: As you drive out of Lethbridge to Calgary you are surrounded by wonderful coulees.  The rolling landscape of Alberta has romanced many a soul.




Artist: Anita Davidiuk

Panel #60

Title: Wild Alberta

Artist Comments: I find it unifying that the palette of the Kananaskis landscape is echoed in the coats of its mountain lion population.  Alberta is a land rich in contrasts; geographic and cultural.  These same colors could have easily described an urban scene in Edmonton or a familiar prairie landscape; my intent however is to remind people of the incredibly diverse array of wildlife that also calls Alberta its home.




Artist:Carol Brown


Title:"Dad" The First Ukrainian MP in Canada

Artist Comments: Michael Luchkovich was born in Shamokin Penn in USA.  Came to Winnipeg in 1907.  He then came to Alberta where he taught school for a number of years.  At 34 years he accepted the United Farmers of Alberta nomination and won by a large margin (living in Vegreville).  He fought for the pacification of the Ukraine and the equality of Ukrainian and other minorities in Canada.  He would have been elated to see the democracy in the Ukraine today.




Artist:Kyla Mawson

Panel #62

Title:Blue Fish




Artist:Norene Cooper



Artist Comments: My roots started in this log house, on a farm south west of Edmonton. Many years after an unforgettable trips through the mountain parkway, experiencing a forest fire ,gravel roads, rain and mud, work brought us to Hinton to again enjoy the beautiful wilderness. The Mighty Roche Miette, as seen from Miette Hot Springs, just inside the East Park Gates of Jasper National Park, will be remembered by all who travel Yellowhead Highway 16 .



Artist:Angela Gooliaff



Artist Comments: I love gardens full of daisies in bloom!




Artist:Eric, Sandra, Charlotte Outram


Title:Pursuit of Freedom

Artist Comments: Hot air balloons and prairie mornings go together.  Flight is the ultimate freedom from the earth and balloon flight is a chance to quietly join the birds for a few hours.




Artist:Helena Ball


Title:His eye is on the Sparrow

Artist Comments: I was concerned about the number of logging trucks I saw during the 6 months I worked in northern Alberta .  I was wondering who was keeping an eye on the forests White-Throated Sparrow




Artist:Evelyn Campbell

Panel #67

Title:Provincial's Fowl

Artist Comments: Alberta's Great Horned Owl & Saskatchewan's Sharp-Tail Grouse




Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:The Honourable Ralph Klein

Artist Comments: Hugely popular in his home province of Alberta, Premier Ralph Klein often sets the agenda for Conservative politics across the country, and has led many provincial wrangles with the Canadian federal government, notably on health care reform, the Kyoto protocol and education spending.





Artist:Mario Larrinaga


Title:W.O. Mitchell

.W. O. Mitchell was born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Manitoba and then at the University of Alberta he did undergraduate studies. An author of novels, short stories, and plays, he is best known for his 1947 novel, Who Has Seen The Wind and the radio series and later a 1974 novel, Jake and the Kid. Both of these portray life on the Canadian Prairies where he grew up in the early part of the 20th century. He has often been called the Mark Twain of Canada for his vivid tales of young boys adventures.




Artist:Orville Goldner


Title:Chief Poundmaker

Artist comments: Poundmaker was born about 1842 near Battleford, Saskatchewan.  Orphaned before he reached adolescence he was fortunate to be living in a society that cared for everyone in their group.  He was a friendly person who was a proficient hunter and generous to the needy. Although present in many battles, Poundmaker made his reputation as a skilled orator and leader.




Artist:Fred Reese


Title:The creation of the prairies




Artist:Lynn Dunn

Panel #72

Title:Princess Louise Caroline Alberta

Artist Comments: Princess Louise was an accomplished writer, sculptor and artist – she painted well in both oils and water colours. A door she painted with sprigs of apple blossoms can still be seen in the Monck wing corridor at Rideau Hall. She gave the name Regina (which is Latin for Queen) to the capital of Saskatchewan, and both the district of Alberta in the Northwest Territories (later the province of Alberta) and Lake Louise in that district were named after her.



Artist:Fred Reese


Title:Rat free Alberta

Artist comments: Norway rats are one of the most destructive creatures known to man. They destroy and contaminate untold quantities of food, and through their tunneling activities, undermine the foundations of buildings, sewer and water lines, and city streets

Thus the people of Alberta are extremely fortunate not to have rats. This is not by chance but by design. For the past four decades, Alberta has had a program to keep rats out of the province.



Artist:Orville Goldner


Title:Amber Valley

Artist Comments: Many Blacks left Oklahoma in early 1911 for Canada,  one of them, Jeff Edwards was 21 when he left for Canada in 1910, seeking an escape from segregation and prejudice in the American South. From Edmonton he walked a hundred miles north, staked a homestead east of Athabasca, then married his sweetheart, Martha Murphy. The couple were two of the first settlers in the black settlement known as "Amber Valley".




Artist:Marian Parkins





Artist:Paula Fiorini


Title:Don’t ya Know- Two Heads are Better Than one.

Artist Comments: Well, my neighbours have buffalos.  I enjoy seeing them massed on the hill.  We live in a beautiful province!  We have a lot of room here – room to be ourselves and do big things.




Artist:Irene Sosulski

Panel #78

Title:Mist in the Mountains

Artist Comments: Not intimidated by size and steepness, a climber makes slow progress up a rock architecture.  Behind him, a neighboring mountain is enshrouded in a mist.  This rugged beauty is a stark contrast to the flatness of other parts of Albe rta and Saskatchewan .




Artist:Lorne Calvert (Saskatchewan's Premier)

Panel #79


Artist Comments: This is a berry my family and I have enjoyed picking every year, They were also a major component in the first nations peoples' diet.




Artist:Georgette Swenson

Panel #80

Title:Sculpture Garden

Artist Comments: This image depicts the sculpture garden located on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan




Artist:Lewis Lavoie

Panel #75

Title:The Honourable Lorne Calvert

Artist Comments: Lorne Calvert is the present Premier of Saskatchewan. His proudest accomplishments were his involvement in health care reform, the expansion of the ground-breaking Action Plan for Children, and the introduction of the innovative, and now internationally recognized, Building Independence strategy to help move families off social assistance and into productive work environments.




Artist:Linda McAusland





Artist:Maria Buehl

Panel #82

Title:Vanishing Treasures

Artist Comments: Albertans have been blessed with a tremendous variety of biodiversity.  The impact of human development, especially over the last 100 years has significant environmental and habitat loss throughout the province.  It is our responsibility to do everything we can to find a balance between our economic interests and the need to protect our threatened environment.  By paying attention to our "vanishing treasures" we may ensure future generations opportunities to enjoy Alberta's many mountain parks and wilderness areas; as well as instilling the need to live in harmony with nature and our natural resources.  My tile features images of: the grizzly bear (representative of western AB); the sandhill crane (representing northern AB); Head Smashed In with bison (southern AB); mule deer (eastern AB); rocky mountains (bottom right); Blackfoot Indian (bottom centre) one of Alberta's indigenous native tribes.




Artist:Elizabeth McRae, A.S.C.,B.F.A.


Title:Long Road Home

Artist Comments: We collect precious buttons and lace bits to attach to new clothes.  We don’t want to throw away any precious bit.  Such are our memories of family life.  So many small bits we cling to in order not to forget.  This was we map our journey from a land far away to our new home, new beginnings.  This is my family’s path to Alberta , to Canada .




Artist:Fred Reese


Title:Taking a break

Artist Comments: As settlers came west to populate the prairies in the early 1900's, long days of travel across vast beautiful prairies lay ahead. An immigrant settler takes a break under the shelter of a new bridge on a beautiful prairie summers day.




Artist:William Ulm


Title:Hot summer drive, 1905

Artist Comments: The earliest automobiles in Alberta and Saskatchewan could only be used in good weather because they were not enclosed and did not have heaters.




Artist:Frank Williams



Artist Comments: Grain elevators are the "pillars" of the prairies. As time passes these wonderful structures are slowly being removed from the landscape as the era of the grain elevator becomes a piece of history.




Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Sleepiong Albertasaurs

Artist Comments: Alberta and Saskatchewan share a strong dinosaur heritage, Many new species have been discovered in Alberta, and some of the best complete fossils have been found in Alberta as well as Saskatchewan. This panel shows a Albertasaur resting on flatten down wheat.



Artist:Betty Goode


Title:My dog Max

Artist Comments: Dogs are universal but my "petit chien" Max is Saskatchewan to me. His fun charming demeanor makes me think of all the beutiful days I have spent on the prairies and how my relationship with my dog only reminds me of all the great people I have met along the way with our great adventures together.




Artist:Mario Larrinaga


Title:The Right Honourable Joe Clark

Artist Comments: Such a modest, straightforward approach is unusual in politics, but entirely characterstic of Joe Clark. Hard work at the grassroots of the Conservative party led him to become its leader and prime minister of Canada. Despite a short term in office and dethronement as Conservative leader, Clark continued to serve the party with a career distinguished by sterling efforts behind the scenes.




Artist:Guy Gilman


Title:Alberta Legislative Building

Artist Comments: The Alberta Legislative building is a beautiful structure overlooking the river valley of Edmonton. Construction began in 1907, and in September 1912 the Duke of Connaught, Canada's Governor General, declared the Legislature building officially open.The Legislature Building belongs to all Albertans. It is here that the Members we elect carry out our business.




Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Automobiles enter the prairies, 1901




Artist:Holly Crichton


Title:First Nations Hoop Dancer

Artist Comments: First Nations traditional dancing is truly a part of our Alberta heritage.  I thought it a worthy subject for a Saskatchewan – Alberta centennial mural.




Artist:Barbara Checkryn-Rivers


Title:As The Spirit Moves Me

Artist Comments: Last fall I had the opportunity to attend my first Pow-wow at the Wesley First Nations Rodeo.  I was invited to sit with a family from Saskatchewan whose daughter was dancing that weekend.  As there were many dancers from Alberta and Saskatchewan   willing to share the protocol and history of the Pow-wow; I wanted to depict this experience.  I truly believe their ancestors spirit moved through it all, from the sounds of the drums, the singers and the colorful display of the regalia.




Artist:Olga Lang






Artist:Stephen Mandel


Title:Alberta Sky




Artist:Pat Trudeau

Panel #96

Title:Hungry Grasshoppers

Artist Comments: A grasshopper infestation was just one of the prairie farmer's challenges in growing his crop.




Artist:Lili Vanderlaan


Title:Softwood Lumber Standing

Artist Comments: Trees are one of my favourite subjects to paint.  Besides just being beautiful they are a wonderful renewable resource that has provided all generations with full building material etc.  Trees give us and wildlife protection from the elements and deter erosion.  They filter the very air we breathe.  Forestry is an important industry and provides many jobs in Alberta and Saskatchewan .




Artist:Pat Coulter



Artist Comments: All God’s creatures great and small were here before us




Artist:Byron Crabbe

Panel #99

Title:Number 99

Artist Comments: To me there was no doubt that panel #99 had to be Wayne Gretzky. The challenge was tring to get the odd shapes to work, It took a while , hope it works.




Lewis Lavoie
Panel #100
Title:Buffalo Twins
Artist Comments: In Celebrating 100 years I wanted to start with panel #100, I used the title of the project for my inspiration...




Artist:Mario Larrinaga


Title:Alexander Cameron Rutherford

Artist Comments: Alexander Cameron Rutherford has the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier. Lieutenant Governor H.V. Bulyea appointed him to the post on September 2, 1905, the day after the province’s inauguration. Two months later, the Liberal party, with Rutherford at the helm, was officially elected with a large majority.




Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Kurt's Quadruple

Artist Comments: Kurt Browning was born in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and raised in Caroline, Alberta., a four-time Canadian figure skating champion and four-time World Champion. In 1988, Browning was credited with completing the first quadruple jump in competition




Artist:Orville Goldner


Title:Buffalo Hunter

Artist Comments: The Métis used the great bison herds for their survival and the Metis developed a specific bison hunting culture developed on the Plains and used the Buffalo for mulitple purposes. The demise of the great bison hunts ended a period of Métis freedom leading to military, economic and political cohesion by others.




Artist:Marcel Delgado


Title:Autumn's Worship

Artist Comments: I allowed the shape of this panel to speak to me, I knew I wanted my panel to represent the agricultural side of the prairies.




Artist:Edward Henderson


Title:Bull Riding Fantasy

Artist Comments: As a child I dreamed of riding the great bulls in the Calgary Stampede. Even though in my dreams the bulls were much bigger then in real life- the actual bulls that the riders challenge annually are a force to be reckoned with.




Artist:Fred Reese


Title:A bad year

Artist Comments: Barley field - Rain damaged crop flatted by windy gales




Artist:Mario Larrinaga


Title:Ian Tyson

Artist Comments: Half of the early-'60s folk group Ian & Sylvia, Ian Tyson retreated from performing and recording after the duo disbanded in the mid-'70s to become a rancher in the foothills of Southern Alberta, Canada. He quietly returned to music-making in the 1980s, releasing a series of albums that focused on detailed songs about the concerns of the working cowboy.




Artist:Fred Reese


Title:His Holiness - John Paul II

Artist Comments: The 1984 tour - a gruelling, 12-day, coast-to-coast odyssey that came at perhaps the height of the Pope's global ministry - stands apart for its scope and significance. It was the first time a serving pope had set foot on Canadian soil. He said mass under a soaring, dove-like canopy in a sun-drenched farmer's field near Edmonton. -"the have nations need to give to the have not nations"

artist note: The passing away of the Pope happen on the day of the mural assembly.




Artist:Barbara McKeand

Panel #109



Artist Comments: this panel speaks to me of First Nations origins




Artist:Jeanne Crandall

Panel #110


Artist Comments: I wanted to somehow convey the sheer strength both physically and mentally that our forbearers had when they transformed the landscape  My panel shapes looked very much like a back and I thought a strong back, neither male or female would be a good representation on this strength.




Artist:Sonja Voigt

Panel #111

Title:Look what's hiding in the woods




Artist:Sonia Rosychuk

Panel #112

Title:Born to Serge

Artist Comments: Four poppies signify a remembrance of my Ukrainian ancestors struggle to grow in a new frontier.  May we also never forget those, who now , still sacrifice to protect it.




Artist:Erika Schulz

Panel #113

Title:Deer Dream

Artist Comments: A surreal representation of  relationships in nature.  I have always felt lucky to live so close to nature.  In Red Deer , the Sanctuary’s, Green Belts, and even the river are right in the city.  It’s wonderful to be able to see wildlife, the northern lights, clear night sky is full of stars, and experience the change in seasons to its fullest all in my backyard.




Artist:Rena Fraser


Title:Lois Hole/Therese Bugnet Rose


Artist Comments: When I was considering what subject to paint I thought of Lois Hole.   For me she embodied a kindness and realism that is rare in today’s world.  Like Lois, I also have a love of gardening so it seemed fitting to add the Therese Bugnet Rose which was introduced in 1950 by Georges Bugnet who lived in Legal, Alberta.




Artist:Robert Ives

Panel #115

Title:Between Heaven and Earth




Artist:Lewis lavoie
Title:Rockies marsh


Artist:Lewis lavoie

Panel #118

Title: Rockies marsh

Artist Comments:


Artist:Lewis lavoie


Title: Fossilized Alberta

Artist Comments: This panel was inspired by the official gem of Alberta "fossilized Trees" as well as the ammonite gem found in southern Alberta.


Artist: Edward Henderson

Panel #120


Artist: Mario Larrinaga

Panel #121

Title: Highway 2

Artist Comments: The highway between Calgary and Edmonton follows an old wagon trail and is dotted with historic sights and interesting attractions.


Artist:Alexander Kahle


Title:Candy Lane Harvest


Artist:Mario Larrinaga

Panel #123

Title: Calgary Stampede


Artist Comments: It is a celebration of the city's past--of endless sunny days when life was broncos, bulls, and steers, of cowboys riding through the streets, and saloons on every corner.


Artist:Walter Daniels

Panel #124

Title:Tommy Douglas

Artist Comments: Premier of Saskatchewan from 1944 - 1961. Recently voted as #1 in CBC's Top Ten Greatest Canadains. Canada's 'father of Medicare' stayed true to his socialist beliefs -- often at the cost of his own political fortune -- and earned himself the respect of millions of Canadians in the process.


Artist:Tamera King

Panel #125

Title:Worthless Necessity


Artist Comments: I have found that the value of this essential key component to life is diminishing and destroying the grass roots or agriculture  - the foundation of our prairie provinces .


Artist: Paul Martel

Panel #126

Title:Fortis et Liber

Artist Comments: I lived in Wood Buffalo National Park (in Garden River ) when I started out teaching.  The experience profoundly changed the way I appreciate the natural pristine beauty of northern Alberta .  It is hard to imagine a more appropriate symbol of the history of Alberta and Saskatchewan .  “Fortis et Libre” means strong and free, this is also Alberta ’s provincial motto.


Artist:Vicki Myers

Panel #127

Title:Yarn Chicken

Artist Comments: Lent wool to make prairie mittens


Artist:Tammy Woolgar

Panel #128

Title:My Backyard

Artist Comments: Chairs have always represented “home” to me … and Alberta is my home.


Artist:Mandy Stobo

Panel #129



Artist: Ralph Klein (Alberta's Premier)

Panel #130

Title: The Alberta Rose

Artist Comments: I saw a picture of the Alberta Rose in a painting at the "Kids Cottage Breakfast" and I thought that would be very appropriate for the mural.


Artist:Christine Lynn

Panel #131

Title:Grey Owl – Archie Belaney

Artist Comments: Grey Owl was a great Canadian raconteur, friend of all beavers and Saskatchewan historic figure.


Artist:Jeanne Crandall

Panel #132

Title:Dunvegan Camp

Artist Comments: I found the color palette quite challenging, as I usually paint with a more vibrant palette.  I wanted to depict the opening up of the North along the mighty Peace River; I hope I succeeded!


Artist:Maria Buehl

Panel #133

Title:Three Whistles

Artist Comments: The painting, titled “Three Whistles”, pays homage to the railway, which has played such an important role in the development of Alberta and the city of Edmonton. A century ago, the major railway companies were racing to build their tracks across the west. The first to reach Alberta was the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). Soon, many others followed, each playing their own important part in expanding the province’s early transportation system. Competition between the rail companies was fierce. The bigger players, such as the CPR and the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) made every effort to attract and cater to the needs of the wealthy rail traveller of the time. The beautiful scenery and the need for passenger services and accommodation along the route gave rise to the building of majestic railway hotels across the country. Often built in remote and stunning locations, these imposing structures have become part of the national fabric. In 1915, The Grand Trunk Railway constructed Edmonton’s majestic Hotel Macdonald (seen through the mist from the steam engine). The “Mac” continues to serve as one of the city’s finest establishments. Today, passenger rail traffic continues to decline and many of the old branches have been abandoned. The bit of blue on the painting’s bottom left is in reference to Edmonton’s Great Flood of 1915 when the North Saskatchewan burst its banks and the deluge destroyed much of the city’s industry on the river flats. Oddly enough, it was the railway that saved the Low Level Bridge from destruction from the rising waters, when a trainload of coal, ordered onto the bridge as weighted ballast, kept the bridge from being swept away.


Artist: Zoe Porter

Panel #134


Artist:Zoe Porter


Title:Tantoo Cardinal

Artist Comments: One of the leading Native American actresses, Tantoo Cardinal has made a name for herself in both film and television. Born in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, from the Métis tribe, Cardinal was raised by her grandmother in Anzac, Alberta.


Artist:Lewis Lavoie



Artist:Lewis Lavoie

Panel #137


Artist Comments: Alberta is a province rich with a strong dinosaur heritage. It is the only province to have a dinosaur named after it, the Albertosaurs, as well as a dinosaurs named after it’s capital city, the Edmontosaurus .


Artist:E.B Gibson

Panel #138

Title:Honourable Thomas Walter Scott

Artist Comments: Thomas Walter Scott was the first Premier of Saskatchewan from 1905 - 1916


Artist:Victoria Armstrong


Title:Dawn Patrol

Artist Comments:  The Mounties have kept law and order across Canada since 1873, when Canada ’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, created a new peace keeping force called The North West Mounted Police.  Though the name and the uniform have changed, the R.C.M.P. is still one of the most famous and well respected police forces in the world.


Artist:Lili Vanderlaan


Title:Down Town Millet

Artist Comments: Millet is the town I reside.  Winner of Communities in Bloom and Winter lights it is a pretty little place to live.  Only 25 minutes south of Edmonton and close to the International Airport .  A gorgeous park with 2 creeks joining, beaver, geese, deer and squirrels.  This painting leaves a lot to the imagination but for you Milletites you will recognize some of the landmarks.


Artist:Phil Alain


Title:Debbie Boodram


Artist Comments: Debbie Boodram was an incredible jazz singer from Edmonton AB as well as a major supporter of the Alberta arts scene through her position with CBC in Edmonton. She was the main reason that CBC became a sponsor of the Centennial Mural Mosaic. Debbie sadly was diagnosed with cancer and passed away early in 2005 before the mural was completed and is now forever remembered through the centennial mural.


Artist:Carla Beerans

Panel #142

Title:Miette Wildfire


Artist Comments: This is one of my favourite places to paint; so when I saw this young girl patiently trying to coax a chipmunk to her, I knew I had a painting.


Artist: Victoria Armstrong

Panel #143

Title: Prairie Hare

Artist Comments: Wild rose bushes, Aspen poplars and White Tailed Prairie Hare are three are three of the most common species that I see on my morning walks through the prairie bush near where I live.  All three sing to my heart whenever I think of prairie life and home.


Artist: Arlene Musselman

Panel #144



Artist:Lesley Schatz

Panel #145

Title:Mrs. Mood and Pat

Artist Comments: I had so much fun painting this that I’m going to do a whole series in greens and blues with my cowgirl topics.


Artist:Mary Lee Small


Title:Farming along the North Saskatchewan

Artist Comments: Alberta + Saskatchewan are made up of farms dotting the landscape.



Gwyneth Hobbins

Panel #147

Title:Grazing Bisons


Artist:Arno Lukas

Panel #148

Title:Sailing on a Prairie Ocean

Artist Comments: When the wind blows through the prairies it seems like an endless ocean with waves. When the covered wagons crossed the prairies the white canvas tops resembled sails ... hence prairie schooners. Coming from over seas, many immigrants must of imagined they were back on the ocean as they came to settle in the vast Canadian grasslands.


Artist:Miriam Gair



Artist:Wendy Stefansson

Panel #150

Title:Somewhere in Old Strathcona

Artist Comments: Alberta and Saskatchewan are not all wheat fields and big skies – we also have some thriving cities! This could be a café in any of them.  It reminds me of long conversations and “café culture” in my  Edmonton days!


Artist: Kathie Bird

Panel #152

Title:Dancer Twins

Artist Comments: Summer Powwows are important events for celebration of the gifts of community, family and friends.  Dancers tell stories and honour life with beauty, health and grace.


Artist:Marko Jalava

Panel #151

Title:Standing Tall

Artist Comments:  With this piece I have tried to capture Alberta ’s proud heritage and prosperous future.


Artist:Yendryas Dunbar

Panel #53

Title:Badlands: An Impression

Artist Comments: In 1993 my husband and I stopped at Horse Thief Canyon and I fell in love with the Badlands. The next day we bought our home on the North Dinosaur Trail.



Artist:Sheila Clark

Panel #155

Title:Encountering Stillness


Artist Comments: This is a composite of my many memories of peaceful. quiet moments enjoyed at Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan.


Artist:Annie Parkinson



Artist Comments: My favorite part of the Prairie wilderness is its capacity for absolute stillness.  Time seems suspended and even the wildlife stops to enjoy the silence.


Artist:Stephen P. Turner


Title:St. Jean Baptiste Church , Father Primeau

Artist Comments: Moving back to Alberta at age 7 from the Okanagan was a bit traumatic, no lake at the back door and no hills or mountains to climb around Morinville, but early 1974, there was a big snow storm, so we built a lot of forts and built our own hill.  We also had one of the most beautiful churches filled with paintings, sculpture and a wonderful priest that drove too fast.


Artist: Claudine Audette-Rozon

Panel #158

Title:A Saskatchewan Perpective

Artist Comments: Painting this panel really made the Centnnial event a real event for me. My goal was to represent, in the subject matter, the Province and is people as a whole. The Bessborough Hotel and Bridge speak for the city dwellers , the patchworks of fields speaks for the agricultural community and the single otter plans speaks for the north of the the province. Each sector has contributed greatly to help our Province grow into what it has become today.


Artist:Cathy Stevenson


Title:Hidden Treasure

Artist Comments: This painting represents the landscape of Alberta-Saskatchewan, the fields of green, the valleys and the hidden away places that hold the most beautiful and delicate colors, textures and life.


Artist:Ryan Jacques


Title:The Railways

Artist Comments: The role of the steam engine weighed “huge” in the development of the prairies (1905 – 2005). It is only fitting that the railroad tracks be permanently remembered as they stretched from the Saskatchewan prairies, over rivers and lakes, and into the mighty Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Can one imagine staring out the window of a moving train, and seeing herds of buffalo roaming the countryside?? I can!


Artist:Gerry Rasmussen




Artist: Stephen P. Turner

Panel #162


Artist:Judy Schafers


Title:On Opa’s Farm


Artist Comments:

As a kid, I used to love finding old relics like this on my Grandfather’s farm in Alberta and think of the people who used to work with them.  These are gradually disappearing from our country sides, soon only to be found in museums.


Artist:Lorna F. Kemp

Panel #165

Title:A Passel of Pears

Artist Comments: I am proud to be a  part of this wonderful project and have chosen pears as a theme, as they are a native fruit that can be grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Artist:Kimberly Boychuk


Title:Peace is Purity

Artist Comments: I feel joy and peace when I see the abundant wildlife of Alberta .  When the geese and swans fly home for our summer, our province is rich in nutrients and natural habitat for birds.  The birds know where the food is great!  The migratory path for birds through Alberta is huge.  The swan is peaceful and beautiful like our Land.


Artist:Natalie Shumka


Title:A Bit of B.C.

Artist Comments: I just wanted to bring a bit of the west coast to a prairie mural.


Artist:Marj Dagg


Title:Alberta The Beautiful

Artist Comments: Tourists coming to Alberta to experience the majesty of the Rocky Mountains or the beauty of Cameron or Lu n dbreck Falls may also be thrilled to see a magnificent eagle soaring across the sky.


Artist:Pamela Thurston

Panel #169

Title:Boreal Forest Detail

Artist Comments: The aspen parklands of the prairie boreal region glow gold in Autumn as poplars and birch prepare for long winters.  A winter walk reveals relics still clinging to their branches , despite northern gales.  Intricate forms and subtle provide a prairie painter subject matter through Alberta's longest season.



Artist:Helen Weeks

Panel #170

Title:The Pioneers at Stavely, Alberta

Artist Comments: This is part of the  vanishing landscape in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The Pioneer and Alberta Wheat Pool Elevators at Stavely, Alberta are some of the elevators still standing as of March 2005.  I could see a landscape in the color scheme and felt these 'Pioneer" elevators needed to be there.


Artist:Jan Howden-Paul

Panel #171

Title:Lou Paul – (Portrait)

Artist Comments: Country music is a huge part of history in Alberta and Saskatchewan .  Country music entertainer Lou Paul of Alberta has shared his music with Canada , U.S.A. , Mexico , Australia and Europe

dscape in the color scheme and felt these 'Pioneer" elevators needed to be there.


Artist:Heather Brewster

Panel #172

Title:Princess Louise Caroline Alberta

Artist Comments: The beautiful sunny and prosperous province of Alberta was named after the Princess by her husband, the Marquis of Lorne: “In token for the love which thou has shown

For this wild land of freedom, I have named A province vast, and for its beauty famed, By thy dear name to be hereafter known Alberta shall it be.”


Artist:Cheryl Paige Bozarth


Title:Grassland’s Under Seige

Artist Comments: Less than 5% of Canada ’s Prairie grasslands remain in their natural state.  Agriculture and heavy grazing has taken its toll on this once flourishing ecosystem.  In the past 100 years, we’ve see numerous species disappear or become threatened.


Artist:Deborah Potter

Panel #174

Title:One with the Land

Artist Comments: My father spent his life farming the land.  Since he will not be here to plant in the spring, I decided to pay homage to him and his life on this panel.  He was a gentle man who quietly tended his fields.  He took great pride in their beauty and his good husbandry. He loved his land and his family.  He spent his life working despite the wind or weather, prices and changing economic conditions.  He was always optimistic that the next year would be better.


Artist:Ruby Golding


Title:Saskatchewan Sunset

Artist Comments: This painting reminds me of the wild flowers, the rolling hills and the beautiful prairie sunsets that I experienced while gowning up in the North Battleford area.


Artist:Beth Pederson

Panel #176

Title:Harvest Blue

Artist Comments: This painting reflects my interest in antique farm implements. In this painting I have combined a close-up view of an antique threshing machine with wheat and barley heads. Since both Alberta and Saskatchewan are known for being grain producers within Canada, I thought this imagery would help to represent the history of the two provinces. Many immigrants made their living farming the prairies and worked hard to make the two provinces what they are today.


Artist:Kathy Holomes


Title:Ovis Canadensis in Blue

Artist Comments: Alberta ’s Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep are a majestic sight.


Artist:Marolyn Beck

Panel #178

Title:Nature's Best Are Back

Artist Comments: What is it about this majestic animal that has so romanced the people of our time?  Is it the quiet nature the beast or just the strength and pride that the animal represents to us?  Is it the determination of the bison, faced with extinction, to fight their way back to once again roam the grasslands of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  They are immortalized in artwork, stamps, on coins and currency.  Perhaps it's just our love affair with history that makes us stop and gaze at these creatures who seem so at peace grazing on the plains.  There is an almost mystical aura that surrounds them and one cannot deny the hold that they have on us, even today.  After all, they are an integral part of our heritage. Past, present and future


Artist:Carol Johnson

Panel #179

Title:Remembering Dad

Artist Comments: Saskatchewan River Crossing Campground.


Artist:Eileen Skinner

Panel #180


Artist Comments: The Kildeer is the commonest plover in Alberta and Saskatchewan and the earliest spring migrant to return north. It is named for it's high-pitched "Kill-Dee" call.


Artist: Marilyn Fulcher

Panel #181

Title:Flamenco at Folk fest


Artist Comments: Painting is of Kari Alba and two of her students of “Alma Flamenca”, in Saskatoon .  Her group performs regularly in Saskatchewan and Alberta , as well as bringing dancers, singers and musicians from Spain to Saskatoon for concerts on a regular basis.


Artist:Terri Austin-Beech


Title:Horses and HooDoos

Artist Comments: When I think of Alberta , I think about cutting horses and the Badlands .


Artist:Jana Kutarna

Panel #183

Title:Qu’appelle Valley:  Hunting for the First Crocuses


Artist Comments: When I was small, I would walk in the valley every spring waiting to see the prairie crocus, the first flower to appear amongst last season’s dry grasses.  The natural prairie in the Qu’Appelle is a fragile, beautiful and precious ecosystem.


Artist:Helen Chesterman

Panel #184

Title:Grampa's Barn


Artist:Ben Babelowsky


Title:Ottawa Tulip Festival


Artist:Douglas Fraser

Panel #186


Artist Comments: This is an interpretation of the Ribstones, an historical ceremonial site, near Viking, Alberta


Artist:Pat Grayston

Panel #187

Title:They Came

Artist Comments: Without all those people who came from Europe , Eastern Canada and the USA to take up farm lands, the prairie provinces would not have developed as they have.  They had no running water, no electricity, no central heating.  They lived in poorly insulated dwellings and worked 7 days a week, winter and summer.  What we have, we owe to them.


Artist:Monique Blom

Panel #188

Title:Natural Intimacy

Artist Comments: Exploration into relationships within the natural world...


Artist:Anne Brown


Title:Morning Reflections


Artist:Michelle Rainey


Title:Buffalo Rock

Artist Comments: This painting is inspired by ancient stone circles found in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan assembled thousands of years ago by Blackfoot ancestors.  It is believed that some of these stone alignments had spiritual significance to the Buffalo hunt and many circles are found near Buffalo Jump.


Artist:Florence Charles

Panel #191

Title:Prairie Beef

Artist Comments: I’ve loved the face of the bovine animals f or many years.  They always give you the same look no matter what.  It is an expression that I interpret according to by own mood.  If I feel sad I see sadness, if I feel joy, I see humor or happiness in this expressionless animal.  The bovine animal is a special symbol in the vast prairie lands of Alberta and Saskatchewan .  These animals are raised by dedicated ranchers and farmers, who produce  a quality food source for all Canadians.  And so the bovine is represented in a mosaic effort.


Artist:Greg O’Hare

Panel #192

Title:(Great Grey Owl Nestling) “Eyes of the Future”

Artist Comments: As an artist, I love to paint wildlife and western scenes.  This owl nestling is a painting that I feel expresses that the intent that young people are the future of our Provinces.  Maybe we should try and take a look how their eyes may see things.


Artist:Val Moker

Panel #193



Artist:Paulette Desautels-Lefaivre

Panel #194

Title:Eternal Peace- In Memoriam for Norman

Artist Comments: This work is symbolic - Whisler mountain in Jasper.  Norman Lefaivre - Founding President - Societe Genealogique - Du - Word - Ouest - preserving French Canadian history.  He was an avid historian.  He loved Jasper, lived in all the prairie provinces. Thus the Prairie crocus - the stream is in Jasper and represents life - The books - his passion.  The mountain where is ashes are - he was writing a book for the centennial when he died - Jan 20, 2003 - Which is now at the Edmonton archives.


Artist:Kathy Guthrie


Title:Alberta Day

Artist Comments: Working with the Alberta theme, I lettered “ Alberta ” on the board first.  Then I painted a layer over top so the words were barely visible.  Inspired by the placement of the brush strokes and the colors, I composed my own words about my feelings of Alberta .  Happy 100th Alberta .


Artist:Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon


Title:Red Barns

Artist Comments: Red Barns appear intermittently across the Saskatchewan/Alberta landscape.  I have always been drawn to things found in a series, like the Red Barns.  Often they are in groups of 3 or 5 or more.  I’m inspired by their simplicity and the red against the landscape is always striking.


Artist:Christine Leinweber


Title:Aspen Hills at Dawn

Artist Comments: Trembling Aspen flourishes throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan and is the most common tree in Saskatchewan .  “Populus Tremuloides” greeted the first peoples who explored, settled and made those two western provinces home centuries ago.


Artist:Lillian Carleton

Panel #198

Title:Butterflies are Free


Artist:Fran Boyce Olynyk


Title:Home is a Station


Artist Comments: This is my tribute to the many railroaders who played such a large role in opening up the two new provinces.  The CPR reached Neudorf in 1905; elevators, stores, churches, and homes followed.  The railway was the main employer in town since Neudorf was a divisional point with a round house, water and coal towers as well as the point where crews changed.  In the fall when grain was being shipped out, four operators worked around the clock to keep the trains moving.  Each time a passenger train arrived, most of the town did too, to see who was arriving or leaving; to watch as cream cans, mail bags and express were unloaded and loaded.  An excellent telegrapher, Dad was the first to learn of outside events.  It was an exciting time to live in station and as children we enjoyed it all; even the whistles and shunting of engines did not disturb our sleep.  Under Dad’s vision and care, what had been bald prairie around the station was transformed into a park-like area with large poplar trees, flowers and gardens.  It was a great place to grown up.


Artist:Lynn Kingham


Title:Really Big Horn Sheep


Artist:Doug McElligott


Title:Prairie Homestead

Artist Comments: The old homesteads are slowly disappearing from the landscape – a reminder of the hardships and pioneer spirit of the past.


Artist:Mary Pityn Dolynchuk

Panel #202

Title:Field of Stooks

Artist Comments: This scene represents many a wheat field in the grain belt of Alberta and Saskatchewan before the combine came into use at harvest time.  A lot of my paintings are based on life on the farm where I grew up in the St.Paul area.


Artist:Stefania Piecowye

Panel #203

Title:Vanishing Sights

Artist Comments:  The grand structure of the wood elevators are slowly disappearing from the prairies, and are over taken by the concrete load through elevators.  More visible are the grain and potash rail cars and the common sight is the brilliant yellow blooms of the canola crop.


Artist:Connie Geerts


Title:Wheat & Windbreaks

Artist Comments: I was first inspired to paint landscapes when I moved to Alberta in 2000. Wide waving fields, dotted here and there with building and divided by long lines of trees and typical of the Alberta landscape.


Artist:Shauna Madsen


Title:Alberta Forest Glade

Artist Comments: Fort Assiniboine, north of Edmonton offers a potpourri of colors in the fall.


Artist:Kim Fjordbotten


Title:Rock picking to clear the fields.

Artist Comments: Rock picking to clear the fields.


Artist:Lenore Dafoe


Title:Memories of people we love.

Artist Comments: n/a


Artist:Al Henderson



Artist Comments: I spent much of this last winter staring at the Queen’s face and on returning home along the ‘17’ (the border highway of Alberta and Saskatchewan). I encountered this dog. I spent the rest of the drive pondering ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’; a totally worthless train of thought, but one a grey winter highway can lull you into.


Artist:Marney Ward


Title:White Wisteria

Artist Comments: I paint mainly water colour florals, so acrylic provides new challenges.  In this board, the top part had to be dark green and the bottom pale bluish white, so I felt wisteria hanging down from its dark foliage would work well.  I tried to capture the gentle vibrating lights that wisteria offers along with some subtle mysterious darks in the leafy shadows.Up close, there is pulsating energy; from afar, the required pattern for the mural is maintained.


Artist:Henry Edwards

Panel #210

Title:Wings Over the Prairies

Artist Comments: Legacy to 'Wop' May

In April of 1918, Wilfred Reid May (who became affectionately know as "Wop" because a young cousin pronounced Wilfred as "Woppie") at 18 years of age, while flying his first combat mission into enemy territory found himself at the mercy of the Huns most feared aviator, baron Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. The air cooled guns of May's fighter plane frozen, the young aviator was caught in a life and death struggle with von Richthofen on his tail, confident of making May his 88th allied casualty. Only by the young pilot's flying agility and good fortune, was he able to stay out of the German's markman's range for a period long enough to lure him into allied territory at which time, just before the Red Baron was readying himself to level his guns at Captain May, his legendary string of victories was ended at the hand of Captain Roy Brown, May's squadron leader, who burst into the fray above von Richthofen and without hesitation sprayed the Red Baron and his plane full of gun fire throwing the famous aviator into a death spiral.


Artist:Charity L. Dakin


Title:Passing By

Artist Comments: Amphibians such as the northern leopard frog are called “indicator species”. Extremely sensitive to environmental and habitat changes, they give us a clear picture of just how much impact we are having on our environment. A number of causes, including disease and environmental stress have wiped out once abundant populations of the northern leopard frog, except for the southeastern corner of Alberta. They are now on Alberta’s threatened species list and are indeed in danger of “passing by”.


Artist:Lili Vanderlaan


Title:Energy Flow


Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Cut it in half



Artist:Kim Fjorabotten


Title:Summer at Writing on Stone

Artist Comments: East of the town of Milk River, the highway turns south to enter into Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, no visitor is ever quite prepared for the scene. Within a blink of an eye, the prairie collapses to reveal a new world of spectacular ad bizarre sandstone formations. These bridges, columns and pinnacles of rock appear in outcrops east and west along the Milk River in southern Alberta. These intricately complex sandstone walls and passageways of Writing-On-Stone park hold my fondest childhood memories camping with my sisters and grandparents. We hid, hiked, romped, and played all day in the dry hot hoodoos. The park has the largest concentration of pictographs and petroglyphs found on the North American plains. We would make up stories to interpret the carved images of men on horseback, shield, bearing warriors, buffalo, bears and big horn sheep. In the late afternoons, we would collect clams from the cool soft mud of the Milk River. At night we watched the bats.


Artist:Summer Bozohora


Title:A Page from the Past

Artist Comments: This is the first building that the Sisters o the Misericordia occupied in Edmonton after arriving from Ottawa to set up the first maternity hospital in 1900. His goal was to minister to the spiritual and material needs of unwed pregnant women. The four founding Sisters were Sr. St. Frederic, Sr. Rose de Lima, Sr. St. Francois d’ssise and Sr. St. Laurent


Artist:Connie Beattie



Title:Wild Alberta Rose


Artist:Patrick Doyle


Title:Country Road #2

Artist Comments: Memories of rural Alberta in the fall in the evening light.


Artist:Carol Goretzky
Title:Alberta Sunshine
Artist Comments: The sunflower speaks to me of summertime in Alberta.


Artist:Elana Goodfellow


Title:Even canines want to go to the Fringe

Artist Comments: I’ve been attending the Edmonton Fringe Festival since the days when we paid enterprising young line standers to buy tickets to the most popular shows. The festival has grown in size to become the second largest in the world and is well known among the international theatre community. I could not think of a better way to represent my city than to highlight my favorite summer festival.


Artist:Denise Lefebvre

Panel #220

Title:Rodeo Cowboy


Artist Comments: "Edmonton is proud to be a part of the Canadian Finals Rodeo at Northlands Park for over 30 years. Rodeo's can be enjoyed throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan at numerous venues including the biggest outdoor show on earth - the Calgary Stampede, the Grande Prairie Stompede and Frontier Days Pro-rodeo in Swift Current Saskatchewan to name a few."


Artist:Luella Leggott Sather

Panel #221

Title:Hoar Frost

Artist Comments: I just love when Mother Nature puts on her frosty winter dress of hoar frost.  She changes our prairie landscape to white and magical.


Artist:Stephen P. Turner

Panel #222

Title:Nellie McClung

Artist Comments: One of the Famous Five that were instrumental in bringing the vote to women of Alberta and forever changing the political landscape.


Artist:J. Xauen Wieser



Artist Comments: Celtic cat and Indian eagle symbols of two cultures.


Artist:Pat Brock

Panel #224

Title:Spring in the magic hills

Artist Comments: Spring is very special in the mountains as the trees in the valley get new leaves while it takes time before one sees the fresh green on the hills


Artist:Peter Zuurbier


Title:Serenity at Sundown

Artist Comments: Albertains are fortunte to bask in a special gift everyday. The benefits of all amenities on urban, metropolitan offers are beautifully juxtaposed by vast, serene wilderness that is largely untouched. This piece is intended to celebrate the spacious skies, majestic mountain range and teeming forests. Sometimes overlooked they should be revered as a definning component of our indentity.


Artist:Gordon Perret


Title:Rodeo Girl

Artist Comments: The middle shape reminded me of a head shoulder and hat. What better than a cowgirl you might see at the Calgary Stampede.


Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Colin James

Artist Comments: Colin James, born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan , is a traveler. As one of Canada’s best guitarists, he has sold over one million records worldwide, seen most of the world, won many industry awards and international recognition for his versatility as a guitarist and his unforgettable voice. His diverse catalogue of music includes the blues/rock that got his career going, big band and his first musical love: the blues.


Artist:Jan Malcolm - Beavis
Panel #228
Title:Scarves and Overcoats

Artist Comments: Wardrobe necessities for prairie living.


Artist:Lorna Slessor

Panel #229

Title:Black Friday

Artist Comments: This is my impression of the tornado as it approached Refinery Row near Edmonton.


Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Villleneuve, Alberta

Artist Comments: This small village is over a hundred years old. It's community hall has provide fond memories with its dances and functions to many generations.



Yolande Valiquette




The Sky Overhead

Artist Comments: Named after the Petroglyph in Milk River Area. It is mystical and earthly like all expression of the ‘invisible’. In honor of the previous populations of past and present.


Artist:Charity L. Dakin


Title:Buffalo Scouts

Artist Comments: I have always been fascinated by the paintings of Frederick Remington - big sky, open plains and badlands.  It reminds me of what I imagine Drumheller being like as I have only visited once as a young girl.  Alberta and Saskatchewan have many landscapes , but ultimately when I think of the West, I can only go back to the days of the buffalo hunt on the plains under as immense sky.


Artist:Helen leRoux


Title:Bread, Water and Fuel

Artist Comments: The oil that comes from the depth of the earth and the soil that produces season after season is a reason to ever be grateful and fascinated at the same time. I love my hometown of Devon and Alberta.


Artist:Shelley Kaszefski

Panel #234

Title:Provincial Flowers (Neighbours Intertwined)

Artist Comments: I wanted to incorporate Plantlife to express the historical aspect of what the two provinces have evolved into: Neighbours Intertwined.


Artist:John Spittal


Title:When the Prairie meets the Mountain

Artist Comments: n/a


Artist:Alicia Nielsen


Title:Up / Down in the coal mine

Artist Comments: The Hinton area has been involvedi in coal mining since the early 1920's and through the years the industry has had good and bad times. Our family business has been doing coal exploration drilling since 1975 in this area, hence my painting: it is not only local history but also my own.


Artist:Carolyn Johnston-Nieuwenhuis


Title:Summer Games

Artist Comments: Alberta and Saskatchewan have many lakes that help us enjoy the great outdoors. Sports like fishing for the illusive large pike and sailing are only two of the many great outdoor sports in our fine provinces.


Artist:Nicole Burrows

Panel #238

Title:Bonnyville Beach Sunset

Artist Comments:   This painting of the Bonnyville Beach Sunset is to commemorate the 40 years that we have been enjoying the Beach Paradise of the Demers/Burrows family cabin at Bonnyville Beach on Moose Lake in North Eastern Alberta.  We have watched many a beautiful sunset after days of boating, canoeing and swimming.


Artist:Michelle Stonehouse


Title:The Chinook Wind

Artist Comments: Women moving out to the newly settled west experienced a sudden freedom which inspired them to push for social reform. This feminine spirit of freedom is captured by a woman leaning into the warm embrace of a Chinook wind, which is carrying away the confining strictures of an oppressive winter. Here, the Alberta rose is a proud symbol of her right to freedom and self-expression.


Artist:Susanne Loutas


Title:The Hole’s Demonstration Garden

Artist Comments: A spot of inspiration in St. Albert


Artist:Chris J. Melnychuk


Title:Quantum Chinook Guitar

Artist Comments: This panel is a part of my on going guitar series. The painting is dealing with the land and the skies of the prairies, and the stoic power and potential energy they possess. The texture is sand from the shores of Slave Lake, Alberta. The collage element is geological survey maps of northern Alberta. As an artist of 15 years in Alberta, it is an honor to be part of this project because the first half of my life was spent growing up in N.E., Central Saskatchewan; the second half has been in Alberta. Celebrate the prairies! The winds of change are blowing.


Artist:Cheryl Bakke Martin


Title:Secrets of the Medicine Wheel

Artist Comments: Alberta and Saskatchewan are home to the vast majority of known Medicine Wheels created by the Northern Plains Indians, some of which are thousand of years old.  Given my fascination and passion for sacred circles and painting mandalas, it seemed very appropriate to paint this stylized representation of one of our aboriginal people’s medicine wheels.  As a topic for this project there are connections on several levels – the medicine wheel is a holistic symbol, one of unity and connection just as this project is about bringing us together.  It often represents the four directions, the four races of man, the four aspects of self – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual and the four elements – fire, earth, air and water as I have in the perimeter of this painting…of this painting…all with the intent of seeing the world holistically.  It is thought to be used fo celebrations or ceremonies. – We are celebrating our centennial with this mural.  For me, it is also fitting that the layout of this panel only allowed a portion of the medicine wheel to be seen; much of it remains hidden.  Similarly, the purpose of the ancient medicine wheels is still a mystery, and many people have varying theories of their use.  From my perspective, the wisdom and philosophy of the medicine wheel are lost to the majority of us in our society.  In my representation, this medicine wheel is over-run with the wild flowers of our provinces speaking to the richness of the medicine wheel teachings.  I believe we have much to learn  from this sacred and ancient symbol of healing, unity and hope.


Artist:Dixie R. Orriss

Panel #243

Title:Supper Time

Artist Comments: Growing up on a farm I remember the many times my mom took meals out to my dad while he worked long hours in the field on the tractor.  I thought it would be fitting to remember the farmers and their wives and their commitment to farming over the last 100 years.


Artist:Bob Devan


Title:End of the Trail

Artist Comments: Night has fallen on the vast herds of buffalo that once roamed the western plains but the glow on the horizon promises a bright future for those with vision.


Artist:Merle Fonger Harrison

Panel #245

Title:Field’s Edge

Artist Comments: This vast area of southern Saskatchewan and Alberta as seen by our ancestors must have been overwhelming as they began to build – some succeeded, some moved on.  A fence post reminds us of their presence, our past.  The land reminds us of the present and the future


Artist:Igor Postash




Artist:Jennifer Clark


Title:Quilting Bee

Artist Comments: This painting is a tribute to the resourcefulness and unrelenting energy of rural women, in a time when life afforded no conveniences. These wives and daughters of farmers and ranchers faced long days of endless hard work, yet found the time to create beautiful and functional items for their homes.


Artist:C.E. Tysdal



Artist Comments: Whatever I stated turned into wind and grass – so here it is.


Artist:Chester Lees

Panel #249

Title:Watcher in the Woods

Artist Comments: I often wonder when walking Alberta ’s beautiful trails near Banff just how many unseen eyes are watching my progress.


Artist:Tasha Diamant


Title:High Level Bridge (Lethbridge)

Artist Comments: n/a


Artist:Edward van Vliet


Title:Snapshots of a Journey, 2005

Artist Comments: This piece is about my own journey, a journey that has taken me from Meadow Lake to Saskatoon and the Calgary and Edmonton. At first I thought I would explore the different physical landscapes of Alberta and Saskatchewan, but as I thought about the idea of journey I decided to represent the different emotional and spiritual landscapes of my experiences during my last 20 years. Snapshots of skin and flesh, the wheat fields of Saskatchewan, the lakes of Meadow Lake Provincial Park, the Rockies in Banff and Jasper are all referenced as essential details of my life’s path. Without these experiences I would not be who I am today; a prisoner of hope.


Artist:Carolyn Johnston Nieuwenhuis


Title:Twin Bouquet

Artist Comments: The Western Red Lily of Saskatchewan and the Wild Rose of Alberta make a lovely combination for a striking bouquet.


Artist:Diane Way


Title:Birds of a feather

Artist Comments: The Bald Eagles scan the banks of the Athabasca River in Jasper National Park for unsuspecting prey as the sun skims the peaks of the Colin Range, casting a fiery red glow on the wings of majestic raptors.


Artist:Judith Martin

Panel #254

Title:Little Church Gallery in Spruce Grove, Alberta

Artist Comments: The church was built in 1890 on the corner of Pioneer Rd. and what is now highway 16 as the Union Church.  The church was uprooted in 1977 to it's present location - 455 King St..  We, of the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove enjoy being housed in the Church as our gallery.  We have feature Artists monthly, have art classes and the annual Open Art Competion.  The Church is going to be moved again to a location beside the old grain elevator and we, the Art Council will have a new home somewhere to be announced by the city.


Artist:Linda Wadley





Artist:E. Yonza


Title:Our Land

Artist Comments: n/a


Artist:Jeff Lyons


Title:Fay Wray

Fay Wray was born near Cardston, Alberta, Canada on September 15, 1907. Perhaps no one in the history of film could scream more dramatically than Fay, and she really put on a show with King Kong


Artist:Cheryl Joseph

Panel #258

Title:The Late Honorable Lois Hole (1929-2005)

Artist Comments: Lois Hole, Alberta’s 15th Lieutenant Governor, was born in Buchanan, Saskatchewan and moved to Edmonton, Alberta in her teens. More than 50 years ago, she and her late husband Ted Hole founded what was to become “Hole’s Greenhouses” in St. Albert, Alberta. As a St. Albert artist, I acquired the subject matter for many of my floral paintings from Hole’s Greenhouses, widely known for their beautiful plants and flowers. On many occasions, they graciously allowed me to wander through the premises, camera in hand. Another reason why I chose to paint Lois Hole surrounded by flowers is because, due to her warmth and humanitarianism, she was affectionately called “Alberta’s Rose.”


Artist:Lenore Dafoe


Title:Cowboys – Then and Now

Artist Comments: I get a feeling of adventure in Alberta. Cowboys were here at the beginning and are still here – may it never change.


Artist:Glen Scrimshaw

Panel #260

Title:Bald Butte Cypress Hills, Sask

Artist Comments: The highest point in Saskatchewan


Artist:Barbara Would Schaefer

Panel #261

Title:Honouring Grandpa and Grandma

Artist Comments: My grandfather emigrated from England in 1911.  He was twenty years old.  Four years later he'd built a two room house on his land and sent for his fiancé to join him.  My grandmother's ship was torpedoed and sank.  She lost everything except what she was wearing, but was on the next ship to Canada.  She arrived in Swift Current after a long, lonely journey, married my grandpa and so began their adventure together.  This painting honours that pioneer spirit.


Artist:Lori Lukasewich


Title:Saskatoon Pie (on Royal Albert China – Blossom Time Pattern)

Artist Comments: I was born and raised in Alberta and cannot imagine a more prairie experience than eating Saskatoon Pie after a day of berry picking.  And I would be willing to bet that there isn’t someone in your family who doesn’t have a set of Royal Albert China. Its ubiquitous on the Prairie.


Artist:Julie Kaldenhuven

Panel #263

Title:Everybody’s Grandfather


Artist Comments: Dr. J.W. Grant McEwan, former lieutenant governor of Alberta, author, historian, environmentalist, educator and name sake of Grant McEwan Community College.


Artist:Harold Skinner

Panel #264

Title:Autumn Gold

Artist Comments: A drive near Two Hills Alberta on a beautiful sunny fall day, provided the inspiration for "Autum Gold"


Artist:Kirsten Kolada-McIntyre


Title:Alberta’s Wild Rose

Artist Comments: I enjoyed exploring the texture and line in this quarter-section of an Alberta Rose.


Artist:Mimi Simard


Title:Pump Sunset

Artist Comments: These are the reasons we moved to Alberta 15 years ago:  The oil and gas industry and the adventure.


Artist:Monique Martin

Panel #267

Title:I’ve Seen Flowers Growing Wild

Artist Comments: In modern society many people are raised in the urban environment.  It becomes more and more difficult to experience or appreciate wildflowers.  These prairie lily images were collected near an abandoned homestead in Northern Saskatchewan .


Artist:Dolores Ewen

Panel #268

Title:Grain, Oil, Cattle

Artist Comments: The above are the industries of Lloydminister.


Artist:Eva Nolan

Panel #269

Title:St. Paul, Here We Come

Artist Comments: St. Paul, Alberta, my birthplace had the vision to build a UFO landing pad for their Canadian centennial project.  This gave the town a unique status internationally and perhaps intergalactically.  This painting is in anticipation of their expected guests;  Aliens who may arrive for Alberta's celebration.


Artist:Jeanette Lussier

Panel #270

Title:4 Strength and 4 Courage

Artist Comments: In this our centennial year, I would like to extend a very special Thank You to the Royal Canadian Mounted  Police – Past, present and future.  You have dedicated your lives for our safety.  Especially to those whose lives have been lost in the line of duty.  We commend you all for your strength and courage.


Artist:Cindy Revell


Title:Prairie Tiger

Artist Comments: When I was a child growing up in rural Saskatchewan I used to see the beautiful Western Red Lily growing wild in the ditches and roadsides. I'm glad I had the chance to see them then because like many other rural sights they are getting rare.


Artist:Joan Herbert

Panel #272

Title:Moving the Herd

Artist Comments: This is a painting of my sister and I moving their cattle to fall grazing pasture, north of Vermilion , Alberta .  It was a two day cattle drive moving about 175 head.  I’m on the paint horse and my sister on the bay horse.


Artist:Anna Hergert

Panel #273

Title:Vanishing Impressions

Artist Comments: Aurora Borealis and grain elevators are strongly associated with the Alberta and Saskatchewan landscapes.  Both have become rare sights as we enter our second century...


Artist:Phil Alain

Panel #274



Artist:Lewis Lavoie





Artist:Igor Postash



Artist:Beate Epp

Panel #277

Title:Prairie Treasures

Artist Comments: What makes the prairie treasures are the big sky, the wide and open land, country churches where people gather in faith and help each other; the grain, grown for food and to make a lively hood and the flowers we grow in our gardens, to please the eye and to feed the soul.


Artist:Robert Houlden

Panel #279

Title:Hiker's Rest

Artist Comments: The mountain parks of Alberta offer the best escapes from everyday life.  The chance to see the Rockies as early explorers have, is a must for everyone.


Artist:Phil Alain




Artist:Denise Eyben

Panel #281


Artist Comments: N/A


Artist:Kim Schaeble


Title:Cross Pollination

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Lorcan Pitchers


Title:Canadian Wildlife

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Ella Charette


Title:Colour Salad

Artist Comments:

This is an abstract representation her piece of the mural, it represents the colour of life and its intensity


Artist:Irene Dufour


Title:Swamp Spruce and Saskatoons

Artist Comments: Memories of Christmas tree hunting and Saskatoon picking. The good life is, oh, so simple.


Artist:Eileen Stallmann


Title:Female Warrior

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Erin Stelmaschuk


Title:The North

Artist Comments: When I think of Alberta, I think of the North and all the majestic and appeal that it has to offer. Everytime I think of Alberta, I think of the wonderful country that it is a part of


Artist:Hazel Bakewell
Title:Saskatoon Pie

Artist Comments: The Saskatoon grows wild as a large shrub in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The plump, sweet fruits of the Saskatoon make excellent pies, preserves and sauces. The reddish berries turn dark purple as they ripen in mid-summer.


Artist:Amy Dryer


Title:The Pink Cowgirl

Artist Comments: The cowgirl is lit by a door behind her; around her the stars glow. This painting gives a small taste of the magic of rural Alberta.


Artist:Lili Vanderlaan



Artist Comments: Darknight, fire campfire, dance and sing.


Artist:Lorinda Peel


Title:Night of the Alberta Rose “2005”

Artist Comments: n/a


Artist:Monika Dery

Panel #291


Artist Comments: n/a


Artist:Rena Fraser


Title:Bugnet Rose

Artist Comments: Introduced by George Bugnut in 1950. He lived in Legal, Alberta



Marian E. Hemsing

Panel #293


Alberta’s Provincial Floral Emblem

Artist Comments: The prickly wild rose has been Alberta’s provincial flower since 1930. The 1-1.5 meter high erect shrub grows abundantly, mainly in open, sunny areas throughout the prairie landscape. In June, it bears single delicately scented pale or dark pink flowers, 5 cm. in diameter on stems that have slender spines. The Rose Hips, are the seeds from the flowers, can make excellent jams and jellies and are enjoyed by the birds.


Artist:Donna Maclean



Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Roxanne DenHollander


Title:Northern Lights

Artist Comments: Still breathtaking are the sighting of the northern lights as they bounce their way across the ski. The whole night takes on a new dimension as we cast our eyes across the sky. Thursday nights are my favorite night to view these spectacular lights. I have attempted to catch that feeling.


Artist:Lewis Lavoie


Title:Communites In Bloom

Artist Comments: Home Hardware is a National Sponsor of Communities in Bloom, a non-profit Canadian organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of a friendly competition. Home Hardware in Lloydminster, like all businesses in this border city, has the unique pleasure of catering to both Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Artist:Plil Alain


Title:Catriona Le May Doan

Artist Comments: Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Catriona LeMay Doan is the fastest woman on ice. After carrying the Canadian flag into the 2002 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies(her fourth Olympics), Catriona defended her Olympic title with a Gold medal performance in the 500metre event. Catriona becomes the first Canadian individual to defend a Gold medal at any Olympic Games. Catriona has broken the world record eight times.


Artist:Michelle Vekved





Artist:RaeLynn Sperounes

Panel #299

Title:In the Spirit of Creation

Artist Comments: N/A


Artist:Dorris Charest

Panel #300

Title:Peas and such

Artist Comments: Gardens are main occupation on the prairies and I wanted to portray some part of it.


Artist:Paul Martel


Title:Le Rouge

Artist Comments: This is a painting of my friend Donna’s barn near manning, Alberta.


Artist:Cindy Kilani





Artist:Shannon Auviat/Renee brown


Title:Making Waves

Artist Comments: Nelly McClung made waves in Canada as she won the right for women to vote. As a resident of Alberta, she reeled them all in, including the Northern Pike.


Artist:Rod Vandenhoorn


Title:In the Woods

Artist Comments: No comment.


Artist:Norene Cooper



Artist Comments: No comment.


Artist:CaraGay Driscoll

Panel #306

Title:Spirit of Place

Artist Comments: In the corner of our backyard is a peaceful space with a willow chair and a water fountain.  The lattice work supports the morning glories with their contrasting vibrant colours set against perfect symmetry of form.   The first one to bloom literally took my breath away and with each new bloom I experienced the energizing power of the Holy Spirit.  Our Saskatchewan summers are beautiful and one doesn’t have to go far to experience the wonder of it.  Perhaps, it might be as close as our own back yard.


Artist:Laird Goulet


Title:Going to the Round Dance

Artist Comments: Dance of the Plains People


Artist:Allison Argy-Burgess


Title:“Georgia’s Wild Rose” 2005

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Cheryl Paige Bozarth


Title:Wetland’s Lost

Artist Comments: Lush green wetland areas are so much a part of Alberta summers. They are vital to our water systems, many species of birds, insects and mammals. More needs to be done to protect Alberta’s wetlands. The species which inhabit them. Celebrate by conserving wetlands.


Artist:Renae Brown


Title:Breakfast in Vegreville


Artist:Gavin Hayes/Eileen Coristine


Title:Wild Rose Fever

Artist Comments: In our northern Alberta yard, June means a fragrant pink border of wild roses between the lawn and the poplar forest.


Artist:Alanna Prins


Title:The Forest

Artist Comments: When thinking of the mountains, I always picture the trees acting as a blanket covering and protecting the mountain sides. We are so lucky here is Alberta to have landscapes such as these.







Artist:Marj Vetter


Title:Wood and Lily

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Sharon Moore-Foster


Title:Solomon’s Creek

Artist Comments: One of my favorite/sacred places is Black Cat Ranch – The walk to and alone the rail to Solomon’s Creek yields Mother Earths generosity – fronds and moss = hundred year old trees.


Artist:Rena Fraser


Title:Hidden Places – Jasper National Park

Artist Comments: No comment.


Artist:Lue Chell



Artist Comments: Reminds me of so many flower gardens in this province.


Artist:Jan Pichette


Title:Secret Falls

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Holly C. Perret


Title:Foothills Farm

Artist Comments: The large amount of green on this panel suggested a landscape to me. I saw a farm in the foothills of Calgary and where I live in Grande Prairie you don’t have to drive very far to see scenes such as this.


Artist:Laura Watmough

Panel #320

Title:Saskatoons - Cub in the Patch

Artist Comments: Summer in the Prairies is seeing bears and berries


Artist:Pierre Lheritier

Panel #321

Title:Loving North

Artist Comments: N/A


Artist:Carol Brown


Title:Blue Steak

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Braden  Pasalic


Title:Beaver chuck

Artist Comments: Beavers have been my favorite animal since I received ‘Beaver chuck” when I was seven.  The beaver is Canada ’s national animal because they are hard working and free like us.


Artist:Kathie Bird


Title:Waskesiu Sunset

Artist Comments: No comment


Artist:Barbara Checkyn-Rivers


Title:Peeking Through

Artist Comments: Alberta has many hiking trails in the mountains that overlook the many rivers that flow throughout the province. I wanted to paint my impression of turning a corner or looking over a ledge down into a valley. The squirrel is just one of the many woodland creatures that are in my neck of the woods.


Artist:Mary Lee Small


Title:Children’s Festival – St.Albert, Alberta

Artist Comments: Festivals are part of the scenery of the provinces too.


Artist:Sherry Holowach


Title:Kiew Church (Kiev Church)

Artist Comments: Many churches like this dot the landscape all over Alberta. The one shown in this picture is near Lavoy, Alberta.


Artist:Natalie Shumka


Title:Bit of Paradise

Artist Comments: I like painting trees and was inspired by the trees I’ve seen in my travels in Northern Alberta.


Artist:Cheryl Bakke Marlin


Title:Aurora Borealis

Artist Comments: I have always been drawn to the beauty of our Northern skys – sunrise, sunset and of course the northern lights. To me they look like painted crystals shimmering in the still clear air.


Artist:Monika Dery


Title:Tiger Lily Bay

Artist Comments: Tiger lilies are becoming extinct in the lower mountain zones because people pick them and pollution makes them weak. Let’s bring them back by careful living and eco-consciousness.


Artist:Maria Buehl

Panel #331

Title:Spirit Chief

Artist Comments: For thousands of years, long before the arrival of European settlers, Alberta was inhabited by numerous indigenous peoples. The Blackfoot, Assiniboine, Cree, and Athapaskan, all lived in lands that are now present day Alberta. Indeed, these original inhabitants once enjoyed rich, thriving societies. Living mostly nomadic lifestyles, the majority relied upon the great bison herds for their sustenance. The Blackfoot tribes in particular were fierce hunters and warriors who by the middle of the 19th century dominated a great deal of territory in present day Alberta and Saskatchewan. However, the arrival of European settlement brought with it tremendous change. Around the end of the 19th century, populations of indigenous peoples were decimated by disease and the near extinction of the bison. Completion of rail lines accelerated European expansion westward. Before long, treaties were signed and First Nations peoples were settled onto reserves, often leaving communities fractured and native social and cultural practices weakened. My painting, titled Spirit Chief, is my representation of a Blackfoot Chief, who stands proud and strong in the face of impending change.


Artist:Rena Fraser


Title:Prairie Grass – Abstract

Artist Comments:


Artist:Meaghan Parent


Title:I am hanging in there.

Artist Comments: N/A


Artist:Dolores Ewen


Title:Grasshopper Attack

Artist Comments: Prairie Farmers have always existed in a unique relationship with nature . The same force that soothes and rewards ,frequently tries the spirit with wind, sun, and storms of snow, hail, sand, and frost as well as disease and insect infestation. The men of the soil, past and present, have shown they have "the right stuff" to hold their honorable place in the future of Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Artist:Michelle Vekved


Title:The Horses

Artist Comments: Northlands Park is home to Edmonton’s source for harness and thoroughbred horse racing. It opened in 1900 and features a 5/8 mile dirt track, grandstand seating, a restaurant and a slot casino among other interesting venues. “The Horses” is a painting of a winner, just like Alberta.


Artist:Cindy D Sorley-Reichinger

Panel #336

Title:Dead Warriors Dancing

Artist Comments: While waiting for spring planting the winter displays of Northern Lights are always a joy to see.