One World. Connected at our Roots.

This incredible virtual art project by Mural Mosaic will Unite the World. That’s right, the whole world.

One tile, one tree, one community, one country at a time.

2020 has been a miraculously challenging year.

The purpose of this project is to (re)connect our communities, families and long distance loved ones through the joy and inspiration that bringing mosaic tiles together into one united piece of art.

While we can’t be in every country on every mural site, we can all create art virtually to maintain our safety and enjoy sharing and connecting with one another.

Mural Mosaic Art Director and world renowned artist, Lewis Lavoie, has chosen the tree as the symbol of connection for this project. 

This one-of-a-kind virtual mural mosaic will be created, connected and shared around the entire WORLD!

Starting in North America, communities will be invited to participate as community, school, private industry and non-profit interest groups. With North America underway, the project will continue its outreach to countries around the world.

Global Roots Mosaic Murals

  • Can be 100% virtual for easy and safe remote participation 
  • Communities/Schools as little as 250 participants or up to 5000 participants 
  • Each TREE is personalized for your particular community 
  • Participants will get access to online instructions and fun easy art lessons.
  • Includes dozens of professional custom paintings that can include VIP portraits, landmarks and special stories
  • Your completed TREE will be virtually/symbolically connected to neighbouring communities online
  • Beautiful reproduction (or actual original tiles) physically assembled for showcasing the completed unified mosaic!


“We hope to plant trees of love, hope, inspiration and happiness in schools and families so that we can find a way to stay stronger together during these challenging times.” Phil Alain

Now Accepting Applications for Canada Murals!