The Montreal Children’s Hospital Mural Mosaic

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Click on completed tiles - mural unveiling 2024


Lewis Lavoie



Bowl of FUN!


Lewis Lavoie

"We ran a fair race"


Hélène Montpetit


Wendy Thomas

"I'll Carry You."
It is a portrait of my grandson carrying his Teddy, as he said, "Like Papa carries me."




Julie Blais


Lewis Lavoie
Sunrise -
Lewis poses with Tenille Towns, Juno Award winner for Country Album of the Year, showing her support with her tile.


Barbara Sala

Three little piggies are going places
Visiting the Big White North,
Whales, penguins and wild geese meet them,
One iceberg is travelling South,
The piggies are dancing to tunes of accordion and violin,
Snowy owl watches over everything.


Donna Casa-Martin
Chair of Hope
This piece was inspired by the parental need for comfort & good news while caring for their children ,in hospital ,waiting in the chair and the playful pot holding helium balloons represents the hope and playfulness of children during illness and hospitalization.


Lewis Lavoie

Building Blocks


Meta MacLean



Veronica Dragnef




Watching over you


Morgan Shannon


Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo



Debbie Gencher



Carol Rabinovitch


Daniel Coulombe


Julian Baslyk


Celeste Bouchard


Michele Bujold

"La cachette"


Denise Roy


Kim Bruneau


Ken Lee

“For The Love Of Maa Maa”

Maa Maa is the Cantonese word for paternal grandmother
My kids, her grand-kids, brought her absolute joy
My kids miss her dearly


Janet Sargisson

Bears in Blue


Deanne Hall Habeeb


Avy Loftus

"Peace/La Paix"


Julie Harmer


Ginette Fontaine

"Par Lamain"




Marjolaine Lachance

Le dé représente 1-5-4  (19) pour le jour anniversaire de Xavier et le fait que c’est le hasard qui nous a envoyé un coco différent puisqu’il a un syndrome inconnu. Les cœurs représentent tout l’amour qu’on a pour lui.

La maison est le Children avec vos couleurs bleu et mauve; un endroit où on se sent bien entouré et pris en charge avec tendresse (les fenêtres jaunes symbolisent la lumière du savoir).

L’étoile verte est le fait que Xavier est né sous une bonne étoile,  il est choyée et aimé – le vert représente l’espoir pour un bel avenir. Xavier est le beau chevreuil; gracile et doux, mais plein de résilience durant l’hiver

Patrick, Mathieu et moi sommes les 3 sapins; Xavier peut venir se réfugier à l’abri des intempéries sous notre sapinage et on est solides et disponibles pour l’abriter et le nourrir. Les oiseaux au ciel sont les grands-parents disparus, qui l’aiment tant et qui l’invitent à déployer ses ailes!



The dice represents 1-5-4 (19) for Xavier's birthday, and the fact that it was chance that sent us a different kid, since he has an unknown syndrome. The hearts represent all the love we have for him.

The house is the Children's with your blue and mauve colors; a place where we feel well surrounded and cared for with tenderness (the yellow windows symbolize the light of knowledge).

The green star represents the fact that Xavier was born under a lucky star, and is pampered and loved - green represents hope for a bright future. Xavier is the beautiful deer; graceful and gentle, but resilient through the winter. Patrick, Mathieu and I are the three firs; Xavier can come and take shelter from the elements under us, and we're strong and available to shelter and feed him. The birds in the sky are his late grandparents, who love him so much and invite him to spread his wings!


Valeriya Khomar

"Best Friends"

My son and his budgy were very attached to each other. This is their portret.


Valeriya Khomar

"Tree of Life"


Francis Bruni - 8 years old.


Aria Bruni - 4 years old


Valeriya Khomar

"Tree of Life"


Suzy Charto

Since opening its new facility, The Montreal Children’s Hospital has been looking for a work of art to welcome the diverse people of all ages and cultures who enter its doors. The upcoming mural by artist Lewis Lavoie and produced by Mural Mosaic will be that piece…

Step into a world of art and healing at The Montreal Children’s Hospital with our upcoming Mural Mosaic production.

In 2023-24, witness the creation of a breathtaking collaborative mural that will grace the front entrance lobby of our beloved Montreal institution. This extraordinary project will bring together the finest artists from Quebec, along with celebrity guests, local dignitaries, dedicated hospital staff, and even some of our creative young patients and their families.

Led by renowned Mural Mosaic artist Lewis Lavoie, who has curated hundreds of mosaic murals worldwide since 2003, this project aims to inspire hope and joy within our community. The Children’s Mural Mosaic will be a testament to the power of art in healing and will serve as a symbol of unity and resilience.

Be part of this historic endeavour as we unveil the magnificent mural in Spring, 2024.

Join us in celebrating creativity, collaboration, and the indomitable spirit of The Montreal’s Children’s Hospital. Together, we’ll create a legacy that will touch hearts for generations to come.

This future Montreal landmark will be made possible thanks to the generous donation of Claude Bigras and Andrée Lafleur.

"grande soeur" (Big Sister) Panel # 155

Participating Artists

Alpha, Hannah

Atkinson, Michèle

Azevedo, Danika

Baslyk , Julian

Baylin, Sandy

Belenko-Frantova, Anastasia

Benny, Cathy

Bilodeau, Ann

Blais, Julie

Boorne, Sandra

Boulais, Gaetan

Bujold, Michelle

Burton, Alicia

Casa-Martin, Donna

Carmina, Cara

Charto, Suzy

Chavannes, Rachel

Curran, Peggy

Dragnef, Veronica

Fontaine, Ginette

Frantova, Nadia

Freeman, Shelley

Gabinet-Kroo, Kathryn

Gallagher, Sharron M

Gallant, Stephanie

Glickman, Lisa Kimberly

Goodmamn, Robyn

Groom, Cheryl

Habeeb, Deanne

Hecht/Harmer, Julie

Jacques, Denis

Khomar, Valeriya

Kouroumalis, Apostoly Peter

Laoun-Rubenstein, Jennifer

Little, JC

Loftus, Avy

MacLean, Meta

McCall, Kai

Menard, Martine

Montpetit, Helene

Mortazavi, Homeira

Neudorf, Kristen

Plourde, Nathalie

Poirier, Amélie

Rabinovitch, Carol

Rhodes, Sandy

Roy, Denise

Sala, Barbara

Sosa, Alicia

St Michel, Marie- Helene

Thomas, Wendy

Tremblay, Sandra

Vuch, Giovanni

Wloski, Jackie Rae

Wolfstein-Joseph, Annette