Métis Memories of Residential Schools

A Testament to the Strength of the Métis

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No Michif Allowed!

No Michif Allowed!

Teaching Statement:

Multilingualism has long been an important attribute of Métis identity. Historically, Métis children across the Homeland learned Michif at home, often together with other languages, including nehiyawewin (Cree), English, or Français (French). 

Michif, though fundamentally related to both French and Cree, is its own distinct language. Michif is a contact language, not a hybrid language. A “hybrid” is defined as two separate parts that remain divided even when brought together.

Reflective Questions:

Is reclaiming the Michif language important and if so, why?

What would it feel like if your teacher only spoke to you in a language you didn’t understand?  By not allowing a child’s first language in school, what message did that send to children? How does honouring Michif language show respect to diverse family lineages?