Métis Memories

of Residential Schools

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Flower Beadwork People

Flower Beadwork People

Teaching Statement:

One of the many names that the Métis are known by is the “Flower Beadwork People.” Beading is one of the most recognized and celebrated Métis traditions. Once they were available through trade, beads quickly became a part of the artistry of Métis women. By the 1850s, beads had become a primary medium of artistry and decoration for Métis women, from young girls to great-great-grandmothers.  Métis beadwork has decorated clothing, personal items, and more, and were used and worn by both Métis men and women for generations. 

Reflective Questions:

What symbolism is represented in the beaded flower designs of the Métis? 

How are cultural traditions an act of resistance?


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