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Artists work together (remotely) to honor the Dog during COVID.

With cancelled shows and events, a special project emerges with artists staying home during the pandemic 

Professional artists from around the world celebrate the dog through 216 individual paintings that when combined form one unified stunning masterpiece mural!

Most of us know the stress relieving benefits of our furry friends, during the COVID shutdown dog loving artists attempt to create the ultimate image celebrating the Dog. 216 paintings will be created by artists globally. Each painting carrying a life of its own portraying the dog and its connection to human kind yet when combined will form one unified mural image. Different breeds and different interactive moments all celebrating the Dog during a time when so many are confined to their homes and relying on their pets for comfort and therapy.
Each participating artist is designated a square tile with certain colour tones and/or shapes to work with in their painting. Other than that they have the freedom to create whatever they want based on the theme of “THE DOG”. In the end all the paintings come together and create a unified image. Designer Lewis Lavoie, along with over 100 artists, most from Canada and the USA and a few overseas artists as well including South Africa, UK and Australia are able to work from the safety of their homes yet be part of a collaboration. The main overall image is kept a secret as each painting is completed the mural comes to life.

Theme/title of project: The DOG: from wolf to best friend

Designer: Lewis Lavoie of Mural Mosaic

Goal: To celebrate the positive attributes of the dog during this “stay home pandemic”

Description: 216 paintings of Dogs – transforms into 1 unified image measuring 12 feet high by 8 feet wide

Dogs of interest currently painted: 
Dog in service (military, Police), Frida the Rescue Dog, 
Social Media Dogs (Pluto Living, Crusoe), Toto from the Wizard of Oz, Lassie, Benji, Rin Tin Tin, Air Bud, Otto from Fireside Chats with Dennis Prager, Laika the first Dog in space, Pavlov Dog, 

Number of Artists involved: over 90 currently (final number TBD)

Artist locations: USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK

Project duration: Launched May 01 – Mural completion/unveiled NOV date TBA

Final image: The final image has been kept a secret even to the artists but can be seen coming to life as paintings are completed

Artistic challenging goal: To see what happens when you take 100 artists working independently towards one unified goal… The participating artists do not know what the final image is going to be (partly because we don’t want to influence their art and partly because it makes it more exciting) and the Designer/Organizers (Mural Mosaic team) do not know how the final image will ultimately look like as the individual paintings determine so much the final outcome.

Conclusion Goal: The original paintings will be auctioned off in support of the project and the participating artists. The actual original mural will be physically assembled briefly for photographing etc…

see live active DOG grid here 

please contact Phil Alain for more details, 780-718-7635,