America Connects Nature’s REVIVAL Mural Mosaic Production

Active Grid Tiles may move as mural progresses


US-Revival- 01


US-Revival- 02


US-Revival- 03


US-Revival- 04


When is MY tile due for this mural?

Submission Deadline for the America Connects Nature’s REVIVAL Mural Mosaic is September 30, 2024. Refer to your Tile Submission Form included with your Participant Kit for HOW TO submit guidelines.

When will MY tile be added?!

Lewis places one tile at a time during the production process. Tiles are place based on their shape and color and the section Lewis is working on, not necessarily in order of date they were received. This process takes several months. Each tile will be placed between now and Spring, 2025 when the mural is unveiled. Don’t see your tile yet? Come back every few weeks to check in on the mural progress.

Will I get an email telling me MY tile number?!

No. During production, tiles are SEARCH & FIND. Tiles move several times during the production process. This is the work of one artist and a technical support person designing the final mural mosaic. Our support team will email ALL participants at the end of production for a final review of the mural when the participant list and tile numbers are posted here on the grid page. 

How long does it take to produce a mural?

From launch to unveiling, a mural production cycle is approximately 12-18 months.

Where will MY mural be located?

Mural installation locations are highly sought after.  Stay tuned HERE for the Host application link if you are interested in hosting this mural’s installation in your community. Host applications open following submission deadlines then location is announced 6-8 weeks prior to unveiling to give everyone plenty of time to plan travel if they’d like to participate in the unveiling – everyone is welcome to attend!

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