from Wolf to Best Friend

Artist: Lee Mitchelson

Panel #92

Title: “The lovely Days of Cora Rose”

Medium: Acrylic

Panel inspiration:

Artist Comments:

I chose Cora Rose for my subject because she is an inspiration! She is cherished by her family and by her followers world over.. the “Mutt Militia” of dog rescue! I’m one! I invite you to go see her profile on Instagram @theCoraRose. Cora Rose went from hopeless and broken, to healed and thriving, under the loving care of her dad and mom Zach and Heather Skow of “Marley’s Mutts”. Her story of rescue and recovery from an accident that broke her pelvis and required amputation of both of her front legs was not an easy one but she emerged victorious!

Marley’s Mutts has many programs for rescue dogs. Please visit their profile on Instagram to find out all that they are doing.
Cora represents different things to different people. As probably the happiest little dog in the world, she is an ambassador for dog rescue, especially the rescue of special-needs dogs. She even went to Washington D.C. with Zach, galloping up and down the halls on her hind legs and rolling in her cart, where she won hearts, as she always does. They were there to rally support for the Pawsitive Change Program, which is changing lives for prison inmates and juveniles through a training program wherein they work with rescued dogs. It is a very positive process.
Cora Rose is like the proverbial “little ray of sunshine” spreading joy, acceptance and tender love everywhere she goes. For me, she symbolizes the adage “no matter how many times you fall on your face, get right back up again!” And she does. Over and over….with a smile on her face and dancing eyes! If you have known the impact that a dog’s heart can have in your life, then you understand. Save a dog that needs a home. Give yourself a blessing at the same time.
I think, especially, Cora Rose is an inspiration to people who are coping with loss of limbs and with assistance devices, and, for people who are taking care of handicapped pets. Cora Rose struggled too; her cart had to be learned, and it is sometimes problematic, but still — she can make it go zoom zoom zoom! Her freedom comes from getting up on her back legs and hop-trotting around, enjoying country life with her family, including best friend dogs and wrestling with her kitty. She helps her folks with the duties of rescue-ranch life.
I am happy and grateful I know of Cora Rose and was able to paint her as part of Mural Mosaic’s “From Wolf To Best Friend” dog mural, which consists of paintings by over 200 artists who have been on Covid 19 lockdown. When all the paintings are displayed together, a larger image is created! I worked on Mural Mosaic’s horse mural, “Le Cadeau du Cheval” (The Horse Gift) thirteen years ago, and was glad to be accepted to participate in their tribute to dogs.