from Wolf to Best Friend

Artist: Jori Warren

Panel #112

Title: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Medium: Acrylic

Panel inspiration:

Artist Comments:
Everyone who knows me, knows my greatest loves are ART and DOGS, so I was thrilled to be asked to paint a piece for this international Mural Mosaic Dog Project. But who do I paint? I have and had many dogs, each one my treasure, but I knew if only…. who knows… doesn’t hurt to ask… I’ll just reach out to my favorite social media star of ALL TIME. One who for years has made me laugh out loud, see the smile of family and friends when I show their videos, and those incredible story lines, the characters he becomes. YES, it is CRUSOE, the Celebrity Dachshund….. and they said… “Yes, I’d love to be included – thanks for thinking of us. (Squeeeeeeeeeal).

Yikes, now I need to paint him, and on a small 8×8” tile. I wanted to showcase not only Crusoe, beloved family member, with his natural good looks but also a couple of his alter egos that Ryan his Dad, and the creative genius behind his social media personas. Together we came up with what I painted.

During the months of chatting, Ryan and I also thought what else we could do to have YOU join in on the fun. Well as you see, each of the fabulous dog paintings in the mural are up for auction, with a portion going to the organizers and the rest of the proceeds going to the artist, but I along with Ryan decided that my share will be going to Crusoe’s charity, to honour him, my beloved pup Pretty girl who I lost just this Sept.11 and to all our fur family members who help us get through this crazy life. The Mural Mosaic team is also donating their portion so I’m happy to say 100% of the winning bid goes to charity. So bid, bid, bid…. you will receive my ORIGINAL 8×8’’ painting and a very cool poster of the finished Mural Mosaic Masterpiece. Bid soon you only have till Nov 20th.

I also want to take a moment and thank the creators of this huge fantastic art project, Phil Alain, Paul Lavoie, and Lewis Lavoie, thanks for always supporting and promoting artists and what we do.
And a gigantic thank you to Crusoe’s Dad Ryan Beauchesne, Mom, Laurence Dionne Binette, Daphne, Oakley and the Celebrity himself….. Crusoe.
Your love for each other shines though in everything you do.

And as Cru would say “Keep Ballin”

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