from Wolf to Best Friend

Artist: Inge Manders

 Panel #157

Title: Alwanele and Max

Medium: Mixed pastel, coloured pencil and fintec water colour paint

Artist Comments:

Funda Nenja is an NPO which has been in existence for just over 10 years. We focus on a “One Welfare” approach as we address the needs of both the children and dogs of Mpophomeni Township. We use dog training classes to teach the children how to train and take care of their dogs and in so doing, teach the children patience, kindness, compassion, responsibility and it gives them a sense of personal achievement and self-worth. As we use positive reinforcement training methods, the children are taught that patience and perseverance pay off immensely and that punishment and negative reinforcement are not the way to deal with unwanted behaviours.

The children are taught how to be kind and caring towards their animals and also towards their fellow human beings. The lessons these children are learning have a ripple effect through their community as they become more aware of how to treat animals and each other. Our social worker and Animal Welfare Education officer do home visits for each and every child in the program. Our Animal Welfare Education Officer will check on the welfare of the dogs at home while our Social Worker assesses the welfare needs of the family.

Some of our previous participants have subsequently been able to obtain employment in the animal sector such as grooming parlours, boarding kennels and veterinary practices.

Funda Nenja offers free veterinary assistance to any dogs in need and also administers rabies and 5-in-1 vaccines, all free of charge. We also have our monthly sterilisation program where we sterilise approximately 10 to 12 dogs a month. At Funda Nenja, our main aim is to create a compassionate community, one child and one dog at a time.