from Wolf to Best Friend

Artist: Lewis Lavoie

 Panel #186

Title: Brandy

Medium: Acrylic

Panel inspiration:


Brandy was born August 10, 2012 and found at 5 weeks of age being given away for the 2nd time.  We quickly took her in and she bonded to our 10 month old Harley, who we had taken in a month prior when his family was also rehoming him. Brandy suffered severe separation anxiety after being taken from her mother too early. 
In October 2017 Brandy suddenly became unwell. After 10 days and 2 misdiagnoses, Brandy was diagnosed with IME, Immune Mediated Encephalitis. She had gone blind in one eye and had severe neurological symptoms, pain and swelling of her head. She was tested and treated aggressively and quickly.  Brandy was a fighter.
Brandy is a survivor with a quirky personality and a stubborn side. She continues to need meds daily for life, did not recover her vision and has relapsed once alongnwith other drug related side effects, however, like all dogs do, she lives in the moment. 
Brandy loves the outdoors, from laying in snow and playing in the sand and water at the cottage.  Most of all Brandy has always had a deep, abiding and mutual love for her girl Rylee, as can be seen in their pictures.
We recently discovered Brandy has a bit more wolf DNA than most dogs, and her complex, high intelligence, vocalizing, caring, playful nature and above all her devotion to her person would confirm that.  We are happy to have her part of this mosaic as a tribute to who she is and how grateful we are to have this special girl in our lives.