Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Anne Michelsen

Panel #27 

Title: untitled


Panel before:

Artist Comments:  As an Animal Intuitive, it is my delight to talk with the animals I paint. Horses hold a particularly special place in my heart and I am honored to represent their glorious spirits on canvas. I have come to realize that it was the horse who domesticated humans so many thousands of years ago, not the other way around. Their profoundly wise concepts about life and their never-ending patience with human kind continues to draw us to them…seeking from them the answers we so keenly need for our own spiritual evolution.
When I took the reference photograph of this magnificent stallion, I could feel his deep wisdom….a mystic presence that went far beyond his equine power and grace. A proud, beautiful stud with a mixture of quiet strength and intense fire, he spoke intently of the Equine Secrets he represents. His presence, both in person and in this painting begs the viewer to ask him what those Secrets are. It is my hope that his participation in this beautiful Mural Project will indeed bring about the “Horse Gift”….for those who view the mural, the gift of a glimpse into the deeply spiritual and inherently peaceful way of the horse.