Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Diane Olsen

Panel #29

Title: Graycie Girl

Medium: oil

Panel before:

Artist Comments: Graycie was my first horse, who I bought 5 years ago, captivating me from the time I first saw her. She has taught me so many things about horses, trainers, and myself. I soon realized my riding experience was not adequate for her, and she was too green, or inexperienced, for me. We were taking lessons together, but I had two bad falls which shook my confidence deeply and I found myself trying to cope with growing fear. We both needed a calm, quiet leader and I was not able be that for her. We were a heart match, but not a practical match. Graycie started me on a journey of discovery about the relationship between my horse and myself. I have learned more from her than I could ever have imagined possible.
My panel is dedicated to the wisdom, grace and truth the horse can bring into our lives, often becoming a bridge between who we have been and what are greater selves can be