Le Cadeau Du Cheval

 Artist:Elizabeth Robinson

Panel #46

Title: After the Ride: Paul Revere’s Horse

Panel before:

Artist Comments: As a New England native, I decided to depict one of our most famous historic figures: Paul Revere. Or, more importantly, his horse. I began my research by traveling to the Old North Church in Boston, where Revere is sculpted astride a giant spirited stallion. Although this horse is beautiful, I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Revere wouldn’t have chosen a more steady mount. So while I included the Revere horse of legend, I also chose to depict him as something more grounded in reality. Modeled after a photo of my own wise and loyal mount, this horse is meant to represent not just Revere’s horse, but every horse who has been saddled for sport or war knowing only that they must run fast and hard. My hope is that this faithful horse was then allowed to enjoy that spring morning under the apple blossoms, musing about his midnight ride..