Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Rebekah Creec

 Panel #112

Title: The Iron Horse

Medium: Acrylic

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

This panel displays the freedom and flight of the American Mustang. Over time and history this mystical animal has survived by conquering many barriers and acts of Mother Nature. The poem below helps express the passion and esteem I have for the American Mustang…

The American Mustang

He came by way of the sea
with a wild but taming spirit.
With the heart of a warmblood
he gallops, like a tornado, across
the wilderness plains.
With mane flowing and tail sailing
his hoofs imitate the sound of
thunder while his neighs are
beckoning to the call of freedom.
Full of mystical behavior, his aurora
lights the way over the muddy
streams of life.
His poise, without end, reflects
the statue of grace and the
reflection of yesteryears.
His name is “ The American Mustang”.
By: Rebekah Creech