Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Kat Moore

 Panel #115

Title: Personal Pony Magic

Medium: Acrylic

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

Growing up with my very own horse was something I would not trade for the world. I begged and begged for a horse until I was 12….drawing horses on everything I could get my hands on at the time…….. and then it happened! My horse kept me out of trouble all through my high school years… not to mention what being involved with 4-H did for me to grow into an adult. All I can say is what a difference a horse can make in the life of a child. In researching and looking at photos of things I could possibly put into this panel… I knew I had to do a horse and a child. My own daughter loves the horses we have and she is only 2 but its in her blood! Well online I found the perfect thing that I wanted to represent here on Mural Mosaic. An organization called Personal Ponies Ltd. This is an awesome program started by an avid horse lover, Marianne Alexander, who found a way to bring ponies to children and adults of special needs. These ponies are specifically bred from UK Shetlands…and have a particular love for people and kids, and kind and mellow temperaments for being with them. These people do their best to get ponies to the people who can benefit from them and the smiles hugs and laughter that come never stop. I asked the Marianne for some reference shots of the ponies at work….and well I must admit… I have never been more moved to paint…. than seeing the faces of these kids and their ponies. The success stories of the people who sent photos…and the personal tributes to the ponies were overwhelming. I highly suggest their website for inspirational stories and hope you too will see what a gift this really is to the kids. Ponies and kids. who can resist a fuzzy loveable little pony. I sure cant. I hope to bring to light what this organization is doing and hope to find more folks getting involved with such a wonderful program! The testimonies of the improvements and well life changing times …….because of the ponies… is just magical! Here is my tribute to the Personal Ponies Ltd group… and Marianne! God bless you guys for all your wonderful work. The world is a better place because of you! This truly is a representation of the HORSE GIFT.