Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Susan Monty

Panel #122

Title: A Dream Come True

Medium: Acrylic

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

I was a horse crazy little girl who begged and begged for a horse until my parents finally got tired of all the begging and Scout came into my life – a dream come true. Scout and I shared 28 years together, and November 2008 will mark the 10th anniversary of his death. As I contemplated what image to paint for my panel, it seemed appropriate to dedicate my painting as a memorial to Scout. His friendship was truly a gift. It was an amazing experience working on this image as memories came flooding back every time I picked up a brush. I could feel Scout’s velvety nose and warm breath on my hand and his sun-warmed neck against my cheek. In a more general sense, my panel represents the special bond between girls/women and their horses.