Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Inge Dagmar Manders

 Panel #128

Title: Dreams of Flight

Medium: oil, composite gold leaf, Sterling silver leaf, 23k gold leaf , liquid lead and a Phosphorescent paint

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

In the painting there are 2 poems:
I dream of flight on golden wings,
I dream of flight on silver hooves,
The sun on my face,
The moon in my hair,
of crystal horns and glossy coats,
Save me from my daily forlorn,
I dream of the Beautiful Horse,
The Magical Pegasus
And the Mighty Unicorn.

I dream a dream
to fly away
In dreams of milkyways.
To follow my heart,
To dream away
To follow my soul
and live my dreams,
on silver hooves
and golden wings.