Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Donna Ridgway

 Panel #170

Title: Working mom

Medium: Acrylic

Artist Comments:

Before my panel arrived for this project, I began to think about what the “horse gift” meant to me. I thought first of the good mare, who gives us her very well being to produce the foal we dream will become the “perfect” horse for us.
After that foal is born, the mare gives the foal her sense of wisdom, curiosity, tolerance, patience, and an open mind for new experiences. The foal of a good mare comes to us, ready to be trained in our ways and ready to learn what we expect from him. We owe a sense of responsibility to the mare, a promise we’ll take care of her and her foal and honor the gift she’s given us.
The purple color of this panel worked well for my theme, for to me, a good mare is royalty in the horse world.