Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Sue Kroll

 Panel #188

Title: Foundation

Medium: Acrylic

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

I call this painting “Foundation”. The foundation of any horse is its feet. WIthout them, the horse is nothing. I have incorporated a weeks-old foal into my interpretation of this panel as it also represents a foundation. The foundation of any breed will throw foals representative of that breed able to carry on a specific line.
I just could not resist this little paint foal, with his mama, lying in the flowers after a hard days play. Working them into this particular shape presented many challenges.
This mural has tested my abilities as an artist by giving me tight constraints while still striving to incorporate my style into it. This has been a tremendous learning experience as well as the most fun I have had in quite a while. I hope you enjoy the mural as much as I do.