Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Pam Tanzey

 Panel #190

Title: John Henry of Our Hearts

Medium: Acrylic

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

John Henry was one of my Heros. He raced until he was nine years old, nine who does that? He did because he loved it and still enjoyed beating the socks off of the other horses. He could because his people loved him. He was the first Thoroughbred millionaire. His statistics, the famous races, the wins, and the awards, all that belongs to the world and to history, how you feel about your hero is private and just yours.
I never met him in person. I didn’t have to I could feel his energy all the way from the Kentucky Horse Park where he lived, retired for 23 years visiting with fans until last year when he passed away at 32.
Just as the ocean was only a few blocks away even if I didn’t go and watch the sunset I knew it was always there. John Henry was always there, a constant, even if I didn’t go see him and even though I knew it wasn’t possible, in my heart I thought he would always be there.
He is the John Henry of our hearts. The nameplate in the painting was on his door.
The memorial stone was placed on his grave by those who loved him.