Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Gina Hall

 Panel #227

Title: Stormy Skies

Medium: Acrylic

Panel before:

Artist Comments:

I have loved horses all my life, starting with my first sight of a palomino mare and foal that lived across the street from me when I was five years old, and cemented in my soul on seeing a fiery glowing arabian in a stall at the Pomona fair in California one summer when I was about eight.
Through all my years, horses have walked, cantered and trotted through my life, never leaving me stranded and alone. Horses and dogs have been my savior through hard times and good times.
I normally paint with watercolor which allows me the freedom of movement that horses seem to need, but for this panel I used acrylic to show the broody nature of the painting.
Living in the Pacific NW, I am very familiar with stormy weather so my subject for the mural is stormy skies with horses raining down on stormy seas and joining the horses running in the heavy surf. On any given day in winter in the Pacific NW you can see these equine thundering in the passing storm clouds and in the summer on the high cumulous clouds they dance.