Le Cadeau Du Cheval

Artist: Nancy Soulliard

 Panel #235

Title: Bath Time

Medium: Acrylic

Artist Comments:

Since I was 14 years old, my horse Rose has been with me. When I got her she was a 6 year old retired racehorse who had far more energy than I knew what to do with. Luckily for me she was always a great teacher. I learned how to be calm and patient and ride through Rose’s happy energetic explosions. Early on it certainly was frustrating but she made me work hard to be a better rider. She wouldn’t allow me to be just a passenger. Rose has always pushed me to ride better, to find new solutions to her issues and to understand what she’s telling me. Through the years we have participated in 4-H together, moved to college, and eventually Rose and I settled in New Jersey. Because of all the gifts she’s given me I felt she was a perfect fit for the theme of Le Cadeau du Cheval
This piece depicts bath time which is one of her favorite times in the summer. She loves to lean into the spray on her head and drinks from the hose. She always seems to be smiling at me when she’s getting cooled off and no matter how many times it happens it always makes me smile as well.
Now at 24, although a bit arthritic, she’s content to be a wonderful trail horse. I can’t imagine any other horse being such a consistent teacher and friend for 18 years.