24 powerful stories that transform into a beautiful unified artwork

This powerful educational resource was designed to acknowledge, highlight, and share Métis residential school survivor experiences. Collaborative effort with respected Métis Elder Angie Crerar, Author Jude D. Daniels, Canadian artist Lewis Lavoie, Rupertsland Institute, and Werklund School of Education, overall image inspired by Métis Artist Samantha Pratt

Build and experience the mural

Métis Memories

Sticker building Kit!

6" x 9" size

24 stickers with storyboard builds a 6″ x 9″ grid

6"x9" Sticker Kit - $11

Sticker Kit with Storyboard grid -$11 ea.

Classroom/Group discount - 10min -$6 ea.

Métis Memories

Poster building Kit!

22" x 33" size

24 cards build a powerful 22″ x 33″ poster

22" x 33" Poster Building Kit - $15

Poster Kit 22" x 33" $15 ea.

Poster Kit -22" x 33" - 3min $10.ea