Mural Mosaic’s Global Roots Project announces location for Canada Connects National Mural

September 1, 2021

The Canada Connects National Mural Mosaic is the first in what will be a collection of Mural Mosaics around the world for the Global Roots project launched in April, 2021.

Mural Mosaic creates art that inspires Unity through Diversity. Their mosaics have been installed throughout North America since 2003. Commissioned by communities, schools, charities, and businesses alike, they are sought after for this unique message of connection that their mosaic murals convey. Their latest project, Global Roots, is no exception.

When choosing an installation venue for the Global Roots Canada Connects National piece, the Mural Mosaic team sought to secure a location where the mural could be viewed publicly and provide a connection experience to the receiving community.

Lester B. Pearson High School in Northeast Calgary, Alberta serves a uniquely diverse population of families and students, many who are new Canadians speaking more than 60 different languages. The students of Pearson are proud of their culture and heritage and embrace the opportunities for learning and success found in their new home.

Principal Kenneth Chee approached our team with a vision for his diverse student body to connect through mosaic murals, amplifying his leadership message of unity through diversity – ‘I see the mosaic mural as a celebration of our school and the joy we take in who we are and the gifts and contributions we bring to make our neighbourhoods, city, province and country vibrant, caring, strong and resilient.’

100 Students from Lester B. Pearson will be painting their individual connection experiences in tiles for the Canada Connects National Mural Mosaic. Their thoughtful artistic inspirations will be included along with participants from coast to coast throughout Canada.

More than 1000 participants across Canada have painted individual tiles for this national art mural. The mosaic mural is currently coming together digitally online at and will installed at Lester B. Pearson High School, Calgary in October, 2021.

The Global Roots Project and its ongoing outreach and development is funded entirely by its participants including the production and donation of the final mural to Lester B. Pearson High School.

Media Inquiries Contact:

Tracy Oliver, Project Director

(780) 953-1519

The Global Roots Project is the inspiration of Sturgeon County, AB’s Mural Mosaic as they lead the creative charge to reconnect the world through the beauty and joy of putting brush to canvas to create collaborative mosaic murals. The project is currently registering participants for Canada Connects Regional and America Connects National murals with more countries being added in the coming months.